Breanna Rose

In January, I told myself that this year was going to be different. Truthfully, I was ready to just be. To embrace the little things that make me unique instead of molding myself into somebody I’m not. Then, at just the right time, I discovered the motto “good for you, not for me” in Amy Poehler’s new book and thought to myself “YES PLEASE.” It became clear that in order to just be, I needed to do the very thing that scared me the most: slow down. For the past year, back pain dictated what I could and could not do. Most days, I wasn’t able to work for more than 30 minutes without feeling a terrible surge shoot down from my neck to my upper back. I feared that slowing my pace would set my business back, so I kept going. But that was a dumb idea. Turns out, working through pain is definitely not sustainable.

So I slowed down. At first, it was the worst. Social media was constantly showing me the cool things others were doing. Person A was collaborating with so and so. Person B was moving into a cool studio downtown. Person C was traveling the globe and getting paid to do it. In our highly visual world, it’s easy to feel as if we need to do all of the things. But we don’t. I found myself repeating the motto “good for you, not for me” and continued to focus on slowing down. And it felt amazing!! Being yourself is the best medicine.

In my extra time, I’ve started practicing yoga everyday. I feel more awake, creatively driven, and most importantly — healthy, both physically and mentally. I’ve realized that success, to me, is inner peace. It comes from staying true to who you are and what you love. It’s natural, beautiful, and very much contagious. I have a long way to go and some bad habits to break, but if slowing down has taught me one thing, it’s that doing is easy and being is hard. I think I’ll let the latter be my guide.

  1. Courtney says:

    Wow – I needed this reminder! Thanks for sharing, Breanna.

  2. Totally agree with you. I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to working so it makes it really hard to just stop and slow down. Thanks for the reminder to be better about it. :)

    • breanna says:

      I’m a total work addict as well. It’s hard for me to not question WHY I’m not working when I’m not working, which is complicated and annoying. ;) But I’ve gotten used to slowing down and it’s become easier!

  3. Sarah says:

    Loved everything about this post! I just finished Amy’s book and loved it!! She has some great advice:)

    • breanna says:

      Thanks Sarah!! YES, her books is so good … laughed out loud a lot, while constantly being inspired. ;)

  4. Ellie says:

    What a wonderful reminder – thanks Breanna! And isn’t Amy Poehler the best?!

    xo, ellie

    • breanna says:

      She really is! And I’m probably on an Amy Poehler kick because Parks & Recreation just ended and I can’t really get over it. :(

  5. Brittanny says:

    Good for you! You really have to do what’s best for yourself. It’s no good if your run yourself into the ground.

  6. i love that quote so much, thank you for sharing! i find i get caught up in seeing what everyone else is doing on social media so quickly. i always try and remind myself this is my story not theirs and we have to live out our own story and what’s good for us!

  7. allison says:

    #praisehandsemoji at anything amy poehler-related. i cannot wait to re-read her book.

    the grass is always greener, isn’t it? i would kill forgiving myself the break that you just described. baby steps towards a better direction, i guess!

    also, which yoga are you trying daily?

    • breanna says:

      I need to re-read it as well. ;) I’m doing Yoga With Adriene on YouTube. It’s AWESOME and the only thing thus far that was actually able to get me into yoga in the first place.

  8. Hannah says:

    Really wise words and a lovely reminder, thank you!
    Hannah x

  9. This is good advice. I’m trying very hard lately to go on my own journey and not try to see everyone else’s progress as a sign of being left behind. Thanks for the reminder!

  10. I love this honest post. The “Good for you not for me” reminds me of Gretchen Rubin’s “Just because it makes someone else happy doesn’t mean it’ll make me happy”. I hope your back pain continues to get better and it’s awesome to hear another positive vote for yoga and slowing down.

    • breanna says:

      I love that quote as well, thank you for sharing! Yoga has been helping me a lot with my back pain, but the other unexpected advantages were much welcomed as well. :) Take care!

  11. Tiffany Bell says:

    Hi Breanna,

    Great post, it is hard to not get caught up in what everyone else is doing and trying to keep up! Thanks for sharing :)

  12. Kelly Brito says:

    What a perfect post. I’m one of the many who feels like we want to do everything. The world offers so much, I don’t want to limit myself… I’ll keep that motto in mind! :)

    • breanna says:

      Totally. Because of the internet and social media, it often feels like the sky is the limit, which is amazing. It’s great to know how many opportunities are out there for us all! It’s just good to remember every once in awhile that we don’t in fact need to do all of the things. And we’ll still be good! :)

  13. I love this quote from Amys book. It’s so true. And i really like your motto for the new year, I actally did the same – just wrote down “be more you” in my journal.

    Yoga is also the best! I feel incredivle after my yoga classes.

  14. Chaitra says:

    Hi Breanna! :) I love your site, it is so inspiring for new designers like me! :)

    I have been into yoga from a very young age, and it has helped me immensely! I think being happy, kind and peaceful is all that matters in life!

    • breanna says:

      Good for you, that’s awesome! I never thought that I could get into yoga. I’m pretty impatient and love high intensity workouts … but man, glad I’m on the yoga train now. It’s the best. :)

  15. Jessica wray says:

    “being yourself is the best medicine” – well said.

  16. Mailinh says:

    Glad you’re slowing down and letting you be you, Breanna. Take it easy. This is a goal that I always put on the back burner and wished that I would have listened to myself. Trying to do the same here (sans the back pain–I hope you’re back is feeling better each day.).

  17. Marissa says:

    Such a great reminder! Totally needed to see this today, thank you!

  18. Marlena says:

    This is wonderful, Bre. I totally needed to hear these words. We always get so caught up in comparing ourselves to others. It’s true – social media is wonderful in some ways, but in other ways it can get us caught up in all the awesome things that others are doing and make us feel like we should be doing all of those things. Thank you for sharing!

    • breanna says:

      Agreed! Social media is a wonderful place, but it’s also important to not let it dictate our lives or make us think less of ourselves. So the whole “good for you, not for me” motto is a great reminder of that. :)

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  20. Erin says:

    This is beautiful, so true and easily forgotten.
    I must remember this is future!

  21. Lise says:

    Indeed, thanks for the reminder! As they say, comparison is the thief of joy…

  22. Stephanie says:

    Wow! Just what I’ve been thinking as of late. It’s hard not to feel a little envy when I see others doing great things and I’m feeling a little behind but I just remind myself that everybody is doing different things at different times, you know? Some days I’ll feel extra-awesome and some days will just be “eh” and that’s totally okay because I’m going at my own pace, living it my way :) And Yoga w/ Adrienne is awesome!

  23. This was a great post with a timely reminder! I’m often rushing around, constantly stressing about things that are largely out of my control so I think I might try and make this year more about taking better care of myself. I’ve also started yoga! Though it’s only once a week, I love the hour and a half I have to myself to enjoy some good quality self-care. I hope the back pain eases x

  24. Rosa says:

    What a lovely piece of advice! Very important to keep that in mind indeed. I often look at the lives of all the people I follow on my social media and feel like I’m not doing enough or living with enough intensity, but… “good for you, not for me”

  25. ARTICORE says:

    I like EVERYTHING about this post.

  26. Latrina says:

    Man. I really need to read her book…!

    Such powerful words. Thank you so much for sharing them with us, Bre. I can’t begin to express how much I needed to hear them! This will be my new mantra. :)

  27. d'Auria says:

    I’m so glad you ended up loving Yoga with Adriene as much as I do! W00t!

  28. Ella says:

    I hear you! Last year I really stood back and achieved to much less than previous years. It made me a bit anxious at first (can relate to the anxiety of watching others charge forth) and then realized that going to bed early, doing yoga and coming home to have deep conversations with my partner & close friends was EXACTLY what I want to be doing with my life. Achieving one thing to only move onto the next goal can only provide so much satisfaction. Strangely enough 2015 has brought all the opportunities I’ve been slowly working towards. Balance and gratitude toward my present situation have been key for me!

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