First things first : HAPPY FRIDAY!! Phew, weeks have been flying by as of late, but I can’t complain. Some good great things happened this week, too. I watched all of our snow melt outside and am excited to hear that it’s supposed to reach SIXTY degrees tomorrow. Sixty degrees in MinneSNOWta, folks. That’s amazing! I think I may just have to go swimming ( kidding, but only kind of ). I ate some nummy treats ( go figure ), like fudge cookies, a huge strawberry cupcake, and my own homemade shamrock shake. That shake was minty fresh and the perfect thing at the end of a long work day, let me tell ya.

And finally, I expressed my thoughts about my personal brand + business. I can’t express how eye opening it has been to put that all on the table. I have BIG plans for these upcoming months, but I promise I’m going to take things slow and share my process along the way.

  1. It’s been a good week! I hope you have a great, restful weekend, Bre.

  2. We never have snow here, but let me tell you, I don’t miss it at all… hate cold weather….

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