Goodbye 2013 | Breanna Rose

In hopes of transitioning smoothly back into the whole “work” thing after ( almost ) a couple weeks off, I thought I would spend the morning reflecting on good old two thousand thirteen. You could also say I’m procrastinating on getting my 2014 books ready. Woops. Don’t tell my boss. But in all honesty, this year was life changing. And I know that’s cliché to say, but I’m going to do it anyway.

The first rather big thing to happen was our trip to France last spring. We spent two weeks speaking bad french, walking over one hundred miles ( in these ), and eating a LOT of carbs. I had never been to Europe before, so it was an absolute dream to experience it with my best friend. Traveling outside of the country every year is now a big goal of ours and I cannot wait to see more.

Goodbye 2013 | Breanna Rose

Speaking of France, a lot of my family truly thought ( and they were verbal about it ) that Michael would propose while on vacation. I knew that he wouldn’t and was totally fine with it. Chances are, I would have ruined any plans with my always sporadic change of heart in dinner venues. So instead, he surprised me one Friday afternoon in October, at home, over a mini lunch feast. It was perfect. And after almost seven years of dating, we’ll be getting hitched on August second.

Goodbye 2013 | Breanna Rose

The last two items go hand in hand. Well, kind of. This past summer – we started the anxiety educing task of searching for our first home. I haven’t shared much insight about it on the blog yet, simply because it’s still very much a work in progress. You can, however, see a few snippets over on instagram! More to come soon, I promise. And finally, the latest addition to our family came soon after we made the big move. We had been wanting to get a puppy for some time, but it just wasn’t feasible ( AKA not allowed ) while living in our old apartment. Once possible, we went and visited Walter on a whim, and of course, brought him home with us. He’s a hilarious little guy who has learned to army crawl and loves “going to work” with me.

So there you have it! Our big happenings of 2013. No it’s your turn – tell me yours! And in the meantime, I suppose I should get started with work. It is 2014, after all. I hope you all had a very lovely holiday vacation and a happy New Year’s Eve. Sending hugs + hive fives all around!

  1. Quyen says:

    What a great year! France is always a special addition to any year. Can’t wait for more travels. Happy new year and best wishes!

    • breanna says:

      France really is great. I’m already dreaming of going back, although there are so many places I’d love to see, too!! Happy 2014. xx.

  2. Kory says:

    Wow, you definitely had a big year! The biggest thing for me last year was it being my first year in business ( ah! ). I’m hoping that I can carry on the success I had in that to this year and grow my business as I graduate college!

    • breanna says:

      Well, the fact that you’re finding success BEFORE graduating is awesome. Congrats on that and happy 2014!!

  3. Love your work and congrats on the engagement… so exciting! My husband and I have also been wanting a puppy for some time now. What breed is yours? Its adorable!

    • breanna says:

      Thank you so much!! Our puppy is a Morkie. 3/4 malteese and 1/4 yorkie to be exact. Wishing you a happy 2014. :)

  4. Kerry Rose says:

    I was thinking this morning how much can happen in a year…and how fast they always go by! After discovering your blog in 2013, I look forward to many more posts & photos in 2014. Happy New Year, Breanna :)

    • breanna says:

      Totally. Seems to go by SO FAST, yet all of these great things happen. Gotta love it. Thanks for stopping by + see you again here soon hopefully. :)

  5. Angel Y. says:

    I’m glad you had a fantastic 2013 Breanna! Looking forward to reading your journeys in 2014!

  6. As much as I love seeing ANYthing you do work-wise, I love that you shared personal things on this recap. That’s what it’s really all about anyway, right?

    Thanks for sending over the branding files, btw! They look great. I’ll be in touch!

  7. Megan says:

    Ohh do we get updated photos of furbaby Walter soon? What a fabulous year you had, best wishes for 2014. X

    • breanna says:

      For sure! It’s been so cold here that we haven’t been able to go outside and do some fun photos. :( BUT, there are some candid ones of him every once in awhile on my instagram account : @imbreannarose.

  8. What an amazing year you’ve had! My husband and I celebrated our first year of marriage and moved into our beloved city. I was able to take my love on his first trip out of the country where we sent time in London and Paris. We started our online journal, Endlessly Enraptured, and all I see is it growing and growing. My husband just got news last week that he got the new job he was hoping for so we are truly excited to start this new year. It’s going to be a year where dreams come true…

    • breanna says:

      Oh gosh, what a good year for you, too! Isn’t Paris wonderful?? And tell your husband congrats on the new job. That’s amazing. :) xx.

  9. Caitlin Liz says:

    Woo hoo! What a great year! I fully support the traveling goal…there’s so much of this beautiful world to see! Also I feel like August 2014 is going to be an excellent month for weddings, good choice ;)

  10. Amielle says:

    Congrats on your engagement! That’s so exciting! It sounds like you’ve had a really great and exciting 2013 and I can’t wait to see/read what happens in 2014. Have a wonderful new year!

  11. kaylee says:

    i’ve loved following your work and your life this year. i’m so happy for you!! i wrote about my year on my blog if you’re interested. happy new year to you :)

  12. Aaw..congratulations! What a fun year… :) And isn’t Europe amazing?? I highly suggest Cinque Terre in Italy (a string of 5 gorgeous coastal towns). Monterosso & Riomaggiore are to-die-for! I want to go back there every year.

    • breanna says:

      Oh gosh, Cinque Terre is totally on my bucket list. We almost went on our last trip ( and split our time between France + Italy ), but we thought an entire trip dedicated to Italy probably was in order. ;) Now I want to go even more! ;)

  13. Sally says:

    Sounds like a pretty fantastic year, hope you saw it out in style! Your photos of France were all so gorgeous! My 2013 was definitely a year of highs and lows, hoping for more of the highs in 2014! Happy New Year Breanna!

  14. Natalia says:

    Sounds like a fantastic year! Your puppy is absolutely adorable, I’m sure he brings many smiles to your home! Have a great 2014!

    • breanna says:

      He really does. :) Currently, the pup is sleeping on his bed right next to me, passed OUT. Such a cutie. Hope you are having a great 2014 so far!

  15. What a fantastic year! So happy for all that has come your way :) Looking forward to what 2014 has to bring! Cheers, and high fives :)

  16. Sounds like 2013 was a fabulous year for you :) So many great things coming together now in 2014 as well, how exciting! Hope the house hunting goes well!

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