During the winter months, I like to complain about how cold it is and all ( yeah, yeah, yeah ) … but you know what? I don’t know if I could live in a climate that didn’t have winter + snow. I know 3 months ago I wouldn’t be caught dead saying this, but even then, it’s true. The midwest was hit with an early spring this year, thankfully, and it reminded me about one of the reasons why I love it up here so much. The spring sparkle! Whenever it first hits 50-60 degrees, windows open, jackets are nowhere to be found, and absolutely everyone spends as much time as possible outside. I find it funny because people from the Southern states would most likely be all bundled up and think we’re crazy. Either way, it’s a special time around here and I’ve been enjoying it as much as possible.

With that said, I definitely busted out both my pink and green pants this weekend as I felt it was 100% appropriate. I ate outside, walked barefoot in the almost* green grass, worked with my windows open, and was all smiles. You could say I’m pretty happy with life these days!

On Saturday, Michael and I had an all day date where we walked around Minneapolis for 9.5 miles. Yikes. Although my feet + legs are completely sore now, it was worth it. We started off by walking around Lake Harriet, where we took notes on what kind of dogs we each like. Afterwards, we ended up downtown in the midst of a sea of green where we rested in the sunshine. By dinner time, we ended up north of the cities where we had a Mexican picnic on a grassy rooftop. Since I knew I had burned a lot of calories walking, I decided we needed shakes, too. It was the perfect day for a spring time lovin’ foodie and her guy!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, too!

  1. Great way of spending the day!!! In the far future when my significant other asks me what I want to do for a date, I’ll say “let’s spend all day together just walking around and doing this, this and this.”

  2. amy says:

    that sounds like a great weekend – all day dates are the best kind! love your colorful jeans. are you two thinking of getting a dog?! or just admiring…? ;)

    • bre says:

      Thanks amy!! Someday we’ll get a dog, but that won’t be in the picture for a few years yet since we want to travel. But we like looking anyway. ;)

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