In honor of Bre being on vacation, I thought it would be perfect to share some cute little screenshots from a collection of films by Gustav Johansson called Live the Language. Such a clever use of clean typography by Albin Holmqvist and gorgeous cinematography help the viewer learn some quick linguistic tidbits. Of course, now i’ll be hoping for little phrases to pop up out of nowhere to help me navigate my way around foreign cities! Even the timeline for each city is super cute, they always include trips to the market, shopping, getting lost, meeting new friends and enjoying the nightlife. The Paris one is by far my favorite, it’s so dreamy. You can watch all of these inspiring films here. Enjoy!

→ Written by Cassie Johnson, designer.

  1. Jo says:

    YES! I’ve loved these films for a while now and I ALWAYS think the same thing about the phrases popping up in mid air. Wouldn’t that be so helpful when you’re stuck not knowing what to say? Great post!

  2. […] Sydney, LA, Vancouver, Barcelona, Paris – oh, la la! Thanks to guest-blogger, Cassie, on imbreannarose.comĀ for sharing these little beauties with us today – I couldn’t help but share them too. […]

  3. amy says:

    so pretty! i’ve seen the stills of these before, and never realized they were videos til now…thank you!! :)

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