Hey there folks! Excited to be sharing some tunes with you today (thanks for having me, Bre!) Most of us are experiencing the beginning of winter right now (cold, rain, snow, whatnot) and Christmas is upon us – but, I figured that a beachy/dreamy playlist is pretty welcome and acceptable any time of year. I’ve been designing some surfboards at work lately and subsequently have needed to transport myself to a Hawaiian state of mind. I hope this mix helps you take a little mental vacation too.

PS…In case you’re wondering what in the world “Bluenose” has to do with beaches, it’s the name of a famous fishing schooner (which sadly wrecked)…you may be familiar with the stamp? I’m a nerd and it’s in my collection! ;) – Amy


01. “Nothing But History” – Gemini Club
02. “Woods” – The Rosebuds
03. “Lightweight Eyes” – Future Unlimited
04. “Heaven” – The Walkmen
05. “Dark Passenger” – Teeel
06. “Origins” – Tennis
07. “Hallucinations” – The Ravonettes
08. “White Days” – The Lighthouse and The Whaler
09. “What a Pleasure” – Beach Fossils
10. “Afternoon” – Youth Lagoon
11. “Lovers’ Carvings” – Bibio
12. “New Theory” – Washed Out

  1. Asia says:

    I looooooove Amy’s taste!

  2. Amy says:

    so fun putting this together! thanks for having me on the blog :)

  3. Kory says:

    Ooh! I love groovy Hawaiian music! The Green is Hawaiian, and they’re great. Definitely checking out this playlist, though!

  4. Kristin B says:

    So I totally geeked out that you called the mixtape “Bluenose” and that you even know about the Bluenose! It’s a Nova Scotia legend (where I live). I remember many-a school field trip to visit the Bluenose II and the shipyards.

    Off to go listen to the tunes now! :)

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