I was playing around last night with some of my film images and ended up making this. It felt really good to sit down and work on something that wasn’t for anyone else but myself. My days are filled with client work, and don’t get me wrong … I love what I do. But sometimes it’s extremely therapeutic to sit down and have your own time. A mini side project, if you will. Give it a try!

  1. amy says:

    very cool, bre! and i hear ya- i used to LOVE sitting down to create things for fun. now it’s hard to find a chunk of time to design for myself – although i think it’s super important to personal development. this has me wanting to get back to my roots and MAKE! :)

    • bre says:

      Thanks AMY!! Honestly, this was the first thing I’ve done for myself ( besides branding ) for so so so many months. It was nice. :) Hope you can make some time, too! xo.

  2. SO COOL! And yes, very relatable! Great job – that looks awesome! :)

  3. Great results too! Whenever I’m feeling exasperated with life in general, I can usually trace it back to having no time for my own creative bits – thanks for the reminder!

  4. kelly ann says:

    SO RAD. I love this!! And it’s so true… designing for yourself can be incredibly refreshing. Keep it up! <3

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