I’m sure many of you know about Mary Kate McDevitt’s handwritten letter project, which she’ll be doing for 365 days! Yup, a whole year. I was certainly inspired by what she’s done so far, so I’m going to explore handwriting a little more on my own. No, it won’t be a huge showcase or anything, but because lettering has become a big part of my designs, I thought it would be fun to do it more often.

I have this gigantic sketchbook that’s just waiting to be filled with fun little things like this. Who knows, maybe I’ll show my progress after a little bit with tidbits of what I’ve come up with … we’ll see!!

  1. Trina says:

    I did not know about this… but thank you. I adore. Do you have a fave sketchbook you like? I’m looking for a pretty bound one for my Ella.
    XO and happy weekend!

    • bre says:

      i got a HUGE ( like 11 x 8.5 in ) kraft sketchbook from barnes and noble actually … very affordable! it’s spiral bound so that pages can sit flat when i sketch!! love it. :)

  2. I sketch before I turn to the computer for all of my client projects. In school, I was the one who wanted to go straight to the computer, but now I’ve learned that sketching first is actually really important to get the designs you want!

    • bre says:

      i used to be like that in school, too! and i’m still like that, to a point – but not as rushed. i really really want to sketch more letters, as i’m fascinated by hand lettering!! :) xo.

  3. my sketchbook needs to be filled up!

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