The holidays are quickly approaching. I mean seriously, where did November go?! One minute it was Halloween and all of a sudden, it’s DECEMBER. Yikes! For this week’s wishlist, I thought I’d share my own personal picks. Many of us have family members who ask for a list and it can be hard to tell em’ what you’d like! Personally, I enjoy buying for people much much more, so this was hard.

So when I had to put together some sort of list this year, I focused on decor for the future. I’ll be moving to Minneapolis at some point next fall, so I thought it would be fun to start collecting things!

I’m definitely going to go with a wood and white combo with pops of bold colors, which is where I’ve found inspiration behind my picks. These types of gifts would be perfect for the modern lady, hands down!!

By the way, did you see last week’s wishlist?? I was all about fitted coats.

  1. Vanessa says:

    the owl candle! So cute!

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