Luckily, most blogging platforms like wordpress and blogger format our blog posts as we type them. Meaning, if I hit enter twice, a paragraph will be made. Similarly, if I hit enter just once, my text will simply jump to the next line. Well guess what, these simple tasks are powered by HTML!! What I’m about to go over is hands down one of the most basic HTML codes you’ll learn, but we’ve gotta cover our bases, right??

Like I said before, most blogging platforms handle the paragraph and line break code FOR you, behind the scenes. However, I can guarantee you that there will be times when you want to manually set these things just in case things aren’t formatting correctly. In wordpress, you would do this within the “HTML” tab in your post editor.

So first up, let’s talk about the line break. Let’s say that I have two sentences that I want to appear on two separate lines. To do this, I would put the following code into play :

This is line one.<br />
And this is line two.

As you can see, I added the simple <br /> tag in dark grey above so that my two sentences will appear on two lines. The next code is a paragraph tag! Let’s say you have two paragraphs in your post and you want them to be separated by space. All you have to do is simply start your paragraph with <p> and end it with </p>. See my example below :

<p>This is my first paragraph. I can use this space to say whatever I want because this is a tutorial.</p>

<p>This is my second paragraph. When you paste this code into your post, the two paragraphs will be separate. Easy, huh!?</p>

Now that’s not to bad, is it?? I promise you, HTML isn’t as scary as it seems. Simple things like this will almost become like a second language! Tune in next week for more on how to code images!

Thanks for all the great feedback on this new column, by the way! I know Dennise and myself are excited to give you all a little insight into HTML and how it works. Our plan is to take turns every other week sharing simple tutorials so that if you follow along – you’ll have a great base knowledge before you know it! Who knows … maybe the coder within will pop out. Cheesy? Yeah. But who cares!

  1. Kristi says:

    It’s so funny you did this group of posts because I’m am a regular follower and I happen to be enrolled in my first web tech and programming class at school… we’ve done html and css now and moving into javascript but it is very fresh to see your tutorials.

  2. Linh says:

    This post was just what I needed! I had asked my PROGRAMMER if I could do a manual line break in a contact form and he said it couldn’t be done. So I used your super easy, quick explanation and did it anyway. WOW. Thank you!!!!

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