One of the most important things to remember about HTML is that it’s a markup language. Think of it as the structure or foundation of a web page if you will. You want to keep any styling to the CSS to keep things from getting bloated or messy.

That being said, there are some HTML elements you can use that can style your text such as the strong and em elements. Example :

<p>The YMCA is hosting a halloween party next week. <strong>Note: Guests must wear a costume!</strong></p>

As you can see, the text between the <strong> and </strong> tags is bold and therefore implies importance. Now, the em element :

<p>My favorite movie of all time is Martin Scorcese's <em>The Departed</em>.</p>

As you can see from this example, the text between the <em> and </em> tags is emphasized in italics. Because it’s a movie title, I wanted it to look different from the rest of the text. * Remember the <p> and </p> tags that are also listed in the above examples? We talked about them a few weeks ago if you need a refresher!

With that said, go ahead and give these tags ( <strong> and <em> ) a try in your posts and web pages. If you’d like to learn more about them, click here.

Dennise Saxton is a designer, web developer & blogger who is a tailored thought organizer. She disects and develops easy to understand tutorials for the HTML Lessons column.
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