This weekend was full of food. And if you know me, you know that I’m 100% okay with that! So let’s work backwards: Last night, Michael and I headed downtown Minneapolis to Kierans Pub where I had a chicken pub pie, sweet potato fries, and a crispen cider (SO good). Saturday was homemade loaded nachos – my favorite. I’m always up for nachos and that’s a fact! And finally, on Friday, I started the process of making the chocolate chip cookies found on Kate’s blog. It was hard to wait the 36 hours, so I cheated and baked them at 24. And let me tell you – they did not disappoint. Cheers to the weekend!

  1. amy says:

    you totally just sealed my fate. nachos are happenin’ at lunch today! :)

  2. kelly ann says:

    I always want nachos, too! Girl after my own heart :)

  3. Jennie Kay says:

    You would love Brick Alley Pub Nachos they are amazing!

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