Guess what? It’s finally time to introduce yet another feature to the blog!! And with this one, I’m simply getting a little more personal from time to time. This week I’m going to start it off light with food. My go to snacks, to be more precise.

This is what always happens: I get stuck in routines. Always. And food is no exception here. I tend to have one treat at night (why not!?) and I usually follow a certain pattern. You could say I get hooked into snacks. Here are some of my past obsessions:

OREOS. Yes, I went through and oreo phase. I’d either eat them straight up, or I’d crush them into my vanilla ice cream. And then there were the times my grandma would make her famous frozen oreo pie. It’s seriously the best thing ever. I hope you all taste it some day!

POPTARTS. When I was in my pop tart phase, I always had to have them with a big glass of orange juice. Don’t ask me why. My boyfriend Michael and I made them homemade once, too. They would have been perfect if I didn’t turn on the broiler at the last second to make the tops crispier. It went south after that, so I’ll have to try them out some other time in the future!!

PUDDING. I’m kinda sorta still in this phase. I absolutely love having a bowl of pudding with all sorts of chocolate flavors. It’s a guilty pleasure, for sure, so I try to not eat it as much.

CHEESE & CRACKERS. Who doesn’t love cheese and crackers!? I’m such a cheese lover, in general, but of course I have a quirk to this one, too. My favorite combo will always be vegetable crackers and some sort of Wisconsin veggie cheese. Because yes, Wisconsin has the best cheese! After going to school in Wisco for four years, I definitely miss all the choices at the grocery stores. Minnesota doesn’t quite cut it.

So there you have it, my food obsessions. I’m thinking because I splurged talking about food this week, I should maybe mention my work out routine NEXT week? Yes? If you guys have anything else you’d like to hear about, do let me know – I’ll take all the suggestions I can get!!

  1. I’m so happy to hear someone else eats like this. And now I have got to try and find a recipe for homemade poptarts! That sounds AMAZING!

  2. Love the design/format of this new feature. I’m also a cheese and cracker kind of girl. And grapes. :)

  3. Rachael says:

    Love all your ‘to-go’ snacks!
    Oreos-yum. I can’t have just one of those, but usually two is my limit.
    Pudding-double yum!
    Pop-tarts-yum. I love them even more after they’re in the toaster. Although I tend to like the frosted ones rather than the plain. But hey, a pop tart is a pop tart!
    Cheese and Crackers are good, but not usually a first choice for me.

  4. Bindi says:

    I find your photos delicious!
    I wouldn’t outsource you…at least for awhile.

  5. MOXEE says:

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  6. MOXEE says:

    […] last week, I talked all about my go to snacks. Because I talk a lot about food on the blog (woops!), I thought I’d bring up my work out […]

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