When it comes to clothing, I totally go through phases. There was the one time where I’d only wear beige, black, white, and pale pink. Then, there was the year I wore dresses 6 out of 7 days of the week. I’m quite liking my current phase, however, which is a bit of everything! It’s kinda sporadic, honestly, but I love it.

All of these outfits from J.Crew parallel how I’m feeling in life as of late. Happy, motivated, and adventurous!! I often find myself taking dance breaks in my chair while working, blasting music, and am just excited to work. I feel lucky that I can even say this. Patience + hard work pays off, promise.

  1. these images blow my mind. jcrew does it to me every time. im obsessed with color. and i love the color on color thing. i love the way you put together all of your images.

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