It’s always been important for me to be the voice of this blog. After all, it is a sort of extension of myself! It took me a bit, but I’ve been feeling very comfortable with it all for awhile now. With that said, I thought I’d be extra random today and share some fact – you know – just so we all know each other a little better. Enjoy!

01. I could escape my crib before my first birthday … sorry mom! Similarly, I only liked to be carried around upside down in public places. Maybe this was the start of my independence, but more likely my weirdness.

02. I can do backflips on trampolines.

03. Spiders and bees don’t bug me, but ants make me completely squirmy and paranoid.

04. My great-great-great-great grandmother survived an Indian massacre in the mid 1800s by hiding with her youngest daughter in their well. During a lull, she buried almost her entire family and then quickly left town to keep safe. Whoa!

05. When I’m stressed, I always have dreams where I slowly start losing my teeth. I try to hold them in, which results in waking up with a slow jaw. Apparently it means I’m trying to keep things together!

06. A couple years ago, Michael and I spent two hours of Valentine’s day playing hide & seek with a good friend of ours in Target. You should try it sometime … just don’t get in trouble!

07. The one time I got a speeding ticket, it was because I was listening to a Britney Spears’ oldie and driving too fast while getting pumped up. I didn’t tell the police officer this … maybe I should have?

  1. anto says:

    wow, the story about your great-great-great-great grandmother is incredible. It’s really amazing learning about our ancestry.
    If I ever play hide & seek at a Target I will probably lose every time because they’ll always find me at the school supplies section.

  2. i have the same teeth dreams! so disturbing! i’m glad i’m not the only one ;)

  3. Danielle says:

    I have a similar teeth dream, but in mine, i lose all my teeth at once…kind of like I have dentures. It is so painful!

  4. Xixia says:

    I loved learning all of this about you, Bre! I think this is the first time I’ve ever heard of the teeth dream – that’s so intense. I think when I’m stressed, I dream about going through an obstacle course. Much less creative than yours. ^^

    ♥ x i x i a |

  5. amy says:

    ahh! I hate the losing teeth dreams! I grind my teeth terribly because of stress and have to wear a night guard. those dreams are always so real and terrifying! the story about your quadruple great grandma is amazing! what a courageous woman! :)

  6. kelly ann says:

    I have losing teeth dreams all the time and it’s the WORST!

    A tradition at my university every year was to play hide & seek in Ikea with new students during orientation week. It was kind of the funnest thing ever – especially since Ikea is massive!

  7. Danelle says:

    Oh man, I get the teeth falling out dreams too! Quite often. I guess I’m always stressed? Haha.

  8. Ciara says:

    Aww these are all so great! Your G4 grandma was quite a lady! I bet it would have been cool to meet her and ask her questions about her experiences.

    Funny about the teeth dreams. I often have teeth dreams, and they’re all different. A lot of sites say it has to do with stress and being worried about your professional success or self image. Apparently it’s one of the most common dreams to have, and I can understand why!

    I used to play hide & go seek in Target a lot when I was younger. I used to hide from my friends with one of my early boyfriends and smooch in the aisles. *blush*

  9. I love love love this post.
    Cracking up at the hide and seek in Target – sounds like so much fun, haha!

    I actually did a post like this earlier this week as well! It’s such a great way for people to get to know you. Thanks for sharing!

    Here’s mine:

  10. Kristin B says:

    Of all the crazy dreams I have, I’ve never once had a teeth falling out one. Isn’t that nutty? I feel like I’m missing out! haha

    Also I tip my hat to you re: the trampoline back flips. That’s damn impressive, dude!

  11. dee says:

    so i was just reading this a laughed b/c i was listening to some lady talk about dreams the other day and she said if you dream about loosing your teeth, it means that you have said something that you wish you could take back or are worried about…not sure if that’s the case, but interesting.

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