I’m leaving on a jet plane tomorrow, heading down to Arizona where my boyfriend’s family has a second home. I’m welcoming this week long vacation with open arms and plan on taking a break from work, too! Of course I’ll be checking in – but it’s important to get away, right?? It’ll be nice for a change.

We’ll be in Arizona for two days, then we’ll be road tripping through the Grand Canyon, Utah, and Colorado … all the way back up to Minneapolis. Yikes! Don’t worry, I have some super sweet guest bloggers lined up that i’m pumped to share with you all!

  1. Samantha says:

    Have an amazing time, Bre!!! You deserve it! Can’t wait to see pics. :)

  2. Leanda says:

    Hope you have an amazing time! Damn right it’s important to get away – even for a couple of days – and what an incredible place to spend the weekend :)

  3. feel free to stop by and say hello at the American Flyer Cafe .. I live on route 66. The coffee there is top notch for this area! :) I love Nor AZ. XO

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