jardin du luxembourg / photos by em the gem

During our trip to France, one of my past clients Emily Scott ( Em the Gem ) happened to be in town as well! SO, we decided to meet up ( along with her husband ) at the Jardin du Luxembourg for a little picnic. Michael and I were running late, of course, so all we managed to grab were some baguette sandwiches before arriving. Emily and Aaron, on the other hand, stocked up on meats, cheese, cookies, and macaroons to share because they rock. The treats were amazing and it ended up being the perfect little picnic. Plus, it’s always nice to meet a client in person, since most of mine are scattered all over the place. Emily truly was a gem!

jardin du luxembourg / photos by em the gemjardin du luxembourg / photos by em the gem

And of course, since Emily is a photographer – she snapped pictures along the way with her cool film camera that I was super jealous of on the inside. She even had Michael and myself pose in front of the camera, which we honestly are not used to. BUT, it definitely was fun to receive a fun package of photos from her from our time in the Jardin. It’s something special we can keep. Oh Paris, I miss you.

jardin du luxembourg / photos by em the gem

A big thanks to Emily for all of the above photos. I didn’t take out my camera at all ( woops ), so I’m glad you were there to capture this beautiful place. It was fun – cheers!!

    • breanna says:

      It was – and I couldn’t agree more about the look of film images. Emily’s work makes me want to bust out my old film camera. :)

  1. Amy says:

    You two are so adorable! How nice to have some beautiful photos of the two of you — Henry and I never manage to get our picture together (and especially not taken by a legit photographer with film). Sounds like it was a great day! :)

    • breanna says:

      Amy, you are so so sweet – thank you. :) Yeah, we rarely get a picture of the two of us together so this was a nice treat!! Miss you, by the way. xx.

  2. Amber says:

    Wow! These photos. This must have been so fun!! I adore the one of the jam and macarons. Jealous!!!

  3. Nat says:

    I’m off to Paris again next week as a Birthday treat.
    As a designer I love it so much. So many inspirational things EVERYWHERE! :)

  4. em says:

    I feel that Aaron should get most of the credit for the food bounty (that’s what he does best) …. and you two – THE CUTEST. So let’s go back okay.

    • breanna says:

      YEAH, I feel like Aaron just knew all of the legit places to get food. Michael and I wandered around SO AIMLESSLY it was ridiculous, haha. :)

      Let’s go back for sure. Thanks again love.

  5. Wow!… Amazing. Is all I have to say =] xx.


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