I wanted to share with you all one of my latest projects – a branding + blog design for Rachelle Wilde, blogger for Kenzie Poo. And let’s get real here : she was such a fun client!! Honestly, after telling me her needs and discussing what direction to take her brand, she really let me go for it. The logo is custom type, hand done by myself to give off a modern and simple flair, with a hint of dip dyed pastels. For her blog, we made sure to keep that theme up for an overall cohesive package. I’m so happy to share this one with you guys! Plus, Rachelle and I are still working together on another project … more to come on that one!

→ Check out the live site here!

  1. Cassie says:

    This is really great BRE. I love the new logo identity and color palette. SO unique and perfect for spring.

  2. athena p says:

    That font is amazeballs. SOOOO good, Bre.


  3. amber says:

    This is goooorgeous. I love everything about it. :)

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