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I’m absolutely thrilled to share with you all a recent project launch of mine that is so special. Linwood is an online shop that sells handcrafted cutting boards + serving dishes, all of which are custom made by Lin Babb. Although Lin doesn’t do the whole internet thing – his daughter, Mattie, definitely does. Together, they’ve created a family business that thrives on care and quality. As soon as Mattie got in contact with me about Linwood, I knew this project would be right up my alley. A resounding “yes please!” was the word. The lovely branding was already finished by Cristina Blanchard, so they just needed someone to bring it all to life online. That is where I came in.

Linwood Website | By Breanna RoseLinwood Website | By Breanna Rose

You can see the live website right here, which was developed by my friend Brianna Burton, who is basically my “online twin.” We’ve been wanting to work together for awhile, and I’m so glad we finally were able to! Plus, can we all agree that the photos taken by Kaela Rodehorst were a DREAM to work with? It’s always such a treat to play around with beautiful product photography and let it shine. I could go on and on about the team behind this project – I’m just so happy to have been a part of it.

Linwood | HandcraftedLinwood | Handcrafted

But beyond the nitty gritty details, I wanted to make sure I noted how passionate everyone behind this brand really is. Lin creates every piece from scratch and literally never has any scraps left. Crazy, right?? He let’s the wood dictate his pattern, which really makes for highly unique pieces in the end. With his talent and Mattie’s knack for business, I think they make a killer team that will go far, for sure. And as a special bonus, I wanted to share with you all a video of theirs created by Contrast Films. This short story perfectly captures what they are all about. And after several months of working back and forth with Mattie online, it was nice to finally see Lin in action and talk about his creations. Check out the video, enjoy, and perhaps peruse their shop for some unique goods of your own!

  1. Kelly Brito says:

    I remember when Linwood was a work-in-progress. This lovely woodwork was so beautiful, I couldn’t forget. The idea of father and daughter working together also counted to keep this on my mind.

    The branding is beautiful and so is the website. I’ll sure be buying loads of stuff, as I’m in a wood frenzy lately.

  2. Nesha says:

    Really clean and simple- lovely!

  3. Nesha says:

    PS. Thought I’d let you know that only the first link to the Linwood site works. The others end in ‘co’ instead of ‘com’ :)

  4. Rachel says:

    Wow. This is one of my favorite projects of yours! Looks so darn good.

  5. vanessa says:

    Lookin’ good Bre! You and Brianna did a great job with this. <3

  6. wow love it! you definitely designed a site that accentuated their lovely hand crafted goods!

  7. Alecia says:

    Gorgeous! Can’t wait to check out their products

  8. Irene says:

    Really beautiful! I’d love to hear more about working with developers (I know you’ve touched on this a bit before). Everything from working relationship to best practices in preparing photoshop documents! Love your work as always! :)

  9. Tom says:

    Super clean, awesome job Bre!

  10. Adriana M. says:

    Wow. Looks amazing! Great job. <3

  11. Temmy says:

    This clean, simple and amazing! I’ve been following you for a white, I love your creative energy!

  12. I’d love to have a project with brands that have a more “raw” feeling and energy like this one. I have nothing against clean and modern shapes but sometimes you want something else you know. Anyway, great work on this one !

  13. Josi says:

    Love it! However, I wouldn’t have justified the text in the footer, as it creates an awkward look with all the gaps of space.

  14. amber says:

    really beautiful. a job well done :)

  15. emma says:

    Really lovely branding!

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