You guys. I want to DIY something like this SO bad … they’re definitely on my wishlist of things to make, that’s for sure. I have so many pens, pencils, markers and little gadgets that need to be in a much spiffier place. Currently, it’s an old mug that I could do without. Time to get crackin’! If you’re not into DIY, but love what you see, these can be purchased here. Awesome, right??

  1. Whitney says:

    I really dig the first one! I think I have too many pens/pencils/etc to make this work for me though.

  2. drr says:

    Your dad doesn’t have any tools so come on over.

  3. LOVE these! I would definitely DIY! I just bought a pack of 36 sharpies… they are still in their plastic case because I have no clue where to put them!!

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