I loved Leslies color me pretty piece for Decor8 … it’s inspired by all the neon colors and lights from her trip to Tokyo, which definitely gets me antsy to travel. In the mean time, I guess I can deal with all sorts of bright tape and markers to play around with. I’ve been in love with fun colored tape since I saw it floating around on the internet, but have never picked up some for myself. Many times, I’ve had it in my hands … ready to buy, but then for some reason I decide I don’t need it. Well guess what, self: I gotta have some. The end.

  1. Ashley says:

    buy the tape!!! (you won’t regret it)

    I have my eye on some now and I think I’m about to take the plunge.

  2. amy says:

    i caught the washi tape bug too – i’ve been putting it on everything! it’s keeping all my prints looking pretty on the walls until i find the perfect frames/am ready to commit to the layout ;)

  3. Whitney says:

    What kind of markers are those? At first I thought they were Sharpies, but on second glance not so much.. Whatever they are, they seem pretty spiffy. :)

  4. I haven’t purchased any washi tape yet, but I have gone crazy over (and purchased lots of) neon duct tape. And then just cut it to the right size for whatever project :) It’s so much fun….buy some!

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