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One of the most important things that I’ve learned this past year was to create comfort within my life. When we moved into a 700 square foot apartment last August to be closer to Michael’s Graduate School, I didn’t realize how much that space would effect my daily routines. I know I shouldn’t be complaining ( and I’m not ) because people live + thrive in much smaller spaces than we do here. But, I didn’t take my life / work balance into account right off the bat. I learned quickly that there was no clear division between my office and home. I could be sitting at our kitchen table and still be five feet from work. Or, I could be enjoying Game of Thrones in our living room and be THREE feet away from work.

At first, it was a hard transition to be so close. Work was literally breathing down my neck. So instead of letting it get to me too much ( which was hard to do in the winter ), we invested in comfort. A comfy couch, tasty groceries, netflix, plants, the best pillows we’ve ever owned, etc. Now, when I unplug from work for the day it’s truly easier. I immerse myself into relaxation and decompress!

But being comfortable goes beyond a comfy couch. For me, it means that I’m living a life that I’m happy with and feel good about. And as I get older, I’m completely uninterested in being something I’m not, which wasn’t always the case. I mean, do you guys remember high school?? MAN, it was full of games, drama, “cool” people, and self-discovery. It’s been neat to grow into this world and live with intention every single day. That part feels comfortable to me. Gotta love that!

  1. Danielle says:

    No matter how big or small the space we occupy, comfort is definitely key. Whether it’s external or internal. I’ve been loving how growing up by default brings it about. Being able to afford higher quality products to aid in comfort helps, too :)

  2. Mailinh says:

    Breanna — I completely agree with you about comfort. I think we take it for granted to the point that we forget about it. I’ve been doing the same thing since my home office is also my bedroom. I think the lines get blurred and we just don’t think about it.

    • breanna says:

      Oh man, my office used to also be in my bedroom before we moved. Sometimes I could literally HEAR my computer “breathing” it’s little hums …. ha. Comfort is key. :)

  3. Kelly Brito says:

    Man, I also currently work from my apartment. I have recently requested that my husband build a wall between my “office area” and the rest of the room. But I’m thinking twice -instead of giving me more comfort and divide work from home, might just put me in a tiny space -literally!!!
    I will just have to wait until I move to our own house (hopefully soon).

    • breanna says:

      Ha, I feel ya!! I have a cube shelf from ikea that is currently my divider. It helps … a little. :) We’re moving into a house this fall, so that’ll be a NICE change where I’ll actually have a door and all that jazz.

      Crossing my fingers you get your own house soon, too!!

  4. Anne says:

    We went from totally outgrowing our space to moving into a nice spacious home. Still, working from home it is hard to separate the office from the family at times no matter how cozy the couch is. I like what you said about finding comfort in a happy life. No matter how chaotic my home gets especially with 2 little ones, knowing that I am happy with my life choices, where I am, how I got here, and how I live each day…that is certainly comfortable.
    Be well…

  5. kaylee says:

    I totally agree with everything you’re saying here! Something I can’t wait to invest in is a comfy couch for sure… and maybe HBO so I can finish watching Season 3 of Game of Thrones!

  6. Rebecca says:

    Oh, I sympathize. While I was finishing up my post-grad degree and working full-time due to space my school work and computer/desk where in my bedroom RIGHT near my bed. Then I took a short vacation and realized I’d just accepted and never noticed how much the stress had taken it’s toll and just become a (crushing) part of me. I never did come up with a solution. I finished school so the computer and desk that only fits in my bedroom but now I can ignore it when I’m not using. If I’m ever in a tight situation again though; I’m going to use your tips!

  7. I can definitely relate to this. I work at home and don’t live in the most massive apartment, so trying to separate work from home is really hard. I try to indulge in the things that make me feel more comfortable — quality groceries, Netflix (since we don’t have a TV) and the occasional (ok maybe frequent) trip to get Fro Yo.

    • breanna says:

      For sure! That’s something I didn’t mention … getting OUT of our place has always been super helpful. Splurging on a few more date nights per month or going for a run. All of it helps. :)

  8. Rebecca says:

    Hi Breanna! Great post, I’ve been thinking a ton about this lately and also in regards to having comfort IN my workspace. Half the time I’m slouching in front of my computer… which is never a good thing. I’m currently on the hunt for a good chair for my workspace. Do you have any recommendations?

  9. Breanna, I SO relate to everything you are talking about. My husband and I have been working on the same thing over the past year. Making investments, big and small, in our life together has truly been such a blessing. Life is so short and there is no time to waste it feeling miserable, uncomfortable and unsatisfied. One thing that we have crossed of our list is moving out of the suburbs and into the city. Now, everything is in walking distance and it is so much easier to get of the house whenever we like. New bedding and pillows is on my list too. What pillows did you end up getting!?

  10. Super post Breanna. My husband and I are so keen to move forward that we don’t take the time to be present where we are or to invest in the things that will make us comfortable and happy.

    Living with intent starts today!

  11. Tanea says:

    I get you. I just moved from a less than 600 square foot apartment. It was laid out really nicely and it was really cute, but it was so tiny. I was ALWAYS 2 feet away from my work and often found myself back on the computer even while trying to watch a movie or just relax. lol. And the work you do when you’re trying not to do work is not quality work. I dealt with it. Just had to learn to keep my work area clutter-free and step away when it’s time to do so.

    Now, I have a separate office/design studio. I’m still customizing it to make it more comfy, but I already feel so much better.

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