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The most important thing to me in this world are the relationships with my close friends + family. It’s the one thing that truly matters at the end of each and every day, no matter what is thrown my way. But instead of blabbing about how much this sentiment means to me, I’m going to talk about the power of positivity. Because like most, I’ve gone through my fair share of relationships that didn’t quite always end up happily ever after. People grow + change and the type of crowd we surround ourselves with can evolve as well. And that’s perfectly okay.

Truthfully, I’ve become much less interested in quantity and a lot more interested in quality. There is a truly special place that is created when you surround yourself with the people you deeply care about and they you. I cherish these people in my life and decided awhile ago to keep them close and stop letting other negativity walk all over me. Real genuine relationships full of love, trust, weirdness, and ( lots of ) pizza. THAT’S what it’s all about. Make it count.

  1. Alecia says:

    I have learned this very lesson this last couple of months. After losing my job at the hands of my best friend – I had to reevaluate what is important in life and what makes a genuine friendship. Getting later in my twenties I can recognize right away the type of friend or person I want to be a part of my life journey and which ones I need to stay clear of. it truly is quality vs. quantity.

    • breanna says:

      Oh my goodness, crazy!! But agreed – it’s becoming much easier to tell who will be a good friend or not. Oh, wisdom.

  2. Danielle says:

    Living abroad has totally amplified this for me as well. It’s interesting how life’s ebbs and flows can bring certain friends to the forefront while others a seat back; and mostly, I mean this in the sense of who keeps in touch and continued support, and who, just, doesn’t. Those who matter most always find a way to stick around. I’m so grateful for it.

    • breanna says:

      YES! And what I love about those who matter most is that you can literally pick back up where you left off, even if a few months have gone by ( or more ). It’s always comfortable. :)

    • Krista says:

      I can totally relate to this, Danielle! I’ve lived outside of the U.S. for the majority of the past 7 years, and it’s really telling to see who sticks with you when they can’t physically see you every week, month, etc. It’s made me think a lot about distance and its affect on the longevity of friendships. Though sometimes it’s tough to go through, it really makes you appreciate the people who stick with you!

  3. Cintya says:

    This post is simply perfect. I’v also had my share of not working relationships and I’m glad I have narrowed it down to a few who truly care about me. Some people think I’m anti-social but I have learned to care more about quality over quantity.

    • breanna says:

      Same same. Some people think I’m slightly anti-social, but I’m a homebody @ heart and simply prefer spending time with my really great friends. A few coffee dates here and there with new friends is also fun, too. ;)

  4. Alexa Sonken says:

    Amen amen amen! I just read the quote the other day, you can’t live a positive life with a negative mind. So very true :)

  5. jensen says:

    I came across this quote the other day, “Practice loving everything and everybody all the time, but only hang in places and with people who lift you up”, and feel like it’s so spot on. I also feel like as I get older it gets easier to realize when I need to step away from a friendship, which isn’t always the easiest.

    And because you seem to love pizza just as much as I do, have you seen pizza compass?!

  6. Quyen says:

    I completely agree with you. It is not about the quantity and all about the quality. I don’t have a personal Facebook because I don’t care for the number of “friends” I have. :) My friends know who they are and I don’t need social media to keep it going!

  7. Anni says:

    Yes x1000 to this. It’s a tough lesson to learn, and I think learning to say no to friendships that aren’t working anymore is so valuable. I think the toughest thing about being a creative is not having a set pool of new friend prospects to pick from, too. It’s tough when you don’t have co-workers that you’re always interacting with.

  8. Katelyn says:

    SO true…I’m not sure how, but I learned this back in high school. I’ve pretty much gone through all of college with a total of 3 true friends and I wouldn’t have it any other way :)

  9. Kelli Marie says:

    Such a beautiful and well worded blog post. Really rings true over on this end! Like I read the other day: It’s better to let someone walk away from you than all over you. Attitude makes the difference!

  10. Jessika says:

    This is so true Breanna! I often complain to my boyfriend and mom that I don’t have any friends. I often do get jelly of those girls from college that have big groups of friends and they have nice get togethers and what not but for me, intimacy with another person is so special. Quality over quantity is a must in all of my relationships with family and friends now a days!

  11. Angel Y. says:

    I’ve totally been simplifying over the past few months. As my business began to take up all of my free time, it made me become aware of who I kept in my inner circle. I’m very caring and open and it’s gotten me hurt so many times. I’ve just learned to keep my closest friends close and focus on nurturing those relationships.

  12. Athena says:

    Love this. Love you. Smooches dear girl. And donuts. Always donuts. xo

  13. Kory says:

    Gosh, I know exactly what you mean. As I get older I am definitely starting to see the value of having more genuine relationships with other people rather than have just okay relationships with a bunch of people. It makes it so much easier to stay positive when you surround yourself with great people who can lift you up just as you can them. I definitely needed this reminder today, so thanks for writing about this, gal!

  14. sharon says:

    i’ve just reached my twenties and the older i get, the more i understand the definition of quality. i also remind myself that nothing good gets away whenever relationships hit a bump.
    ps. john steinbeck wrote “nothing good gets away” haha. not me :P

  15. maddie says:

    My english teacher my freshman year of college used to say, “If you want to smell like poop, hang around poop.” It was kind of crude, but very true.

    Congratulations on Walter!

  16. Fenne says:

    I agree with the value of good relationships, but only keeping them might have the risk of not meeting new people, isn’t it? Who know how lovely and great humans are out there, and you have to spent some time together to find out.

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  18. Angie says:

    This is something I’ve found myself struggling with the past couple of days. I am so glad I decided to catch up on my blog reads and had your reminder there <3

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