Breanna Rose

Spring in Minnesota is such a special time. Everyone comes out from hibernation, wearing shorts before it makes sense and busying the city lakes once again. We’ve been lucky to have some great (okay, and not so great) weather this April, and the past few weekends have been no exception. Michael and I took Walter to a nearby beach (where he proceeded to get hella dirty), ate outside at Lucia’s, grilled beer brats at home, and attended a few of my brother’s tennis matches. It’s been glorious. :)

Breanna Rose

We also tried out Cheeky Monkey this past weekend for brunch ($3 mimosas!!). It was great, but I now have my eye on The French Hen accross the street for next time. Because, #FOOD. Plus, I spotted a cute bike in the window over at Omnium Bike Shop in St. Paul that I may or may not be thinking about getting. Michael is BIG into biking and has been trying to get me on board for years. I think he was pretty excited that I actually went inside a bike shop for once, despite my hesitation since taking a bad spill awhile back. We shall see …

Breanna Rose

What else? Well, I previously wrote about Walter having a hard time with other dogs during his walks, but I’m happy to report that he’s been consistently getting better! We have a training collar that he wears, and the frequency of our walking time has increased as well, so he must be getting used to it. Other than that, I’ve been spending a lot of time finishing up some current design projects (and getting Be Free, Lance ready for registration on May 4th) before I head out on a girls trip to Rome & Prague in 26 days!! I’m so excited and can’t wait to share more from our travels. If you have any recs about things to see, do, or eat in either city, we’d love to hear about them. I’m also on a personal hunt for out of this world “Cacio e Pepe” in Rome, so if you know where I should go, do tell! CAN’T. WAIT.

  1. I got you girl! Are you ready to have the best Cacio E Pepe of your life? Like eyes rolling into the back of your head good? (But seriously… it’s that damn good…)

    Roma Sparita in Trastevere. What I wouldn’t do to go back there for a bowl of their stuff! I’m kind of drooling right now thinking about it. It came recommended from Anthony Bourdain… so you know its good. They do the most delicious hardened and crunchy parmiagano bowl around their noodles. I have a picture of it in all its glory on the blog!

    So excited for your upcoming travels to one of my absolute favorite cities!!!

  2. Rhea Hawkins says:

    We in MN as well, and recently adopted a, ahem, spirited rescue dog. We’ve been taking classes with her at the Canine Coach and really like them. They even have some leash walking specific classes as well as socialization. Just an FYI. It’s been great for us.

  3. Dee W says:

    The French Hen has such a cute storefront; I’m sure the interior (and food/drink) is just as good. ^_^!

    Dee |

  4. Giulia says:

    Hi :) I live in Rome and I give you some advice for the best Cacio E Pepe. You can go to Da Felice, a restaurant in Testaccio, the New York Times said that they make the best cacio e pepe in Rome, or Tanto Pè Magnà, in Garbatella (isn’t near the center of Rome but Garbatella is a beautiful neighborhood). The last one that I suggest to you is Da Danilo in Esquilino that makes cacio e pepe in a big wheel of cheese (cacio, obvious) and serves the noodles inside it!
    Have a nice trip! Rome is, according to me, the best city in the world!


  5. Enjoy Rome! I’ll be in the U.S. then according to your dates :)

    I have some links to share on Rome re: eats, tours, etc. -that’s a good place to get started :)

  6. Kara says:

    We had fun going to EATALY – a quirky multi-restaurant/huge Italian grocery store mix. We also loved the pizza at Baffeto 2’s near the Piazza Navona If you’re going to be by the Vatican museums, there’s a fun take-out pizza place that sells really unique flavors of pizza by the slice – Pizzarium I hope you have a great trip!

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