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mattie krall hallows eve edition

I’m so happy to share with you a behind the scenes interview for one of Mattie Krall’s latest HALLOWEEN shoots!! Take it away, Mattie:

What is your general process when coming up with ideas for a photo shoot and what spurred the idea to have a skeleton theme for this particular shoot? The majority of ideas for my shoots are combinations of daydreams. I have lists upon lists of photo to-dos. I try to write everything down, even if I’m in a rush. Dia de los Muertos artwork and my fascination with bones are what inspired for this shoot. I’ve found myself drawing skeletons more than a few times. October is my favorite month, and it’s a perfect time for a shoot like this!

Do you work with a lot of the same models, or is it more of a variety? Now that my work is being seen by more people in the area I’ve been working with quite a few new models. I’ve been lucky to work with such a variety of people: experienced models, couples, families, friends, & I will be shooting for a clothing company next month. I do have my favorite girls though! They know who they are!

How do you choose your locations and what drew you to the abandon building and beach for this specific calavera skeleton shoot? Monterey has one of the most captivating landscapes I have ever seen. It’s very easy to find places to shoot! I live next to an old abandoned military base. When you see all those decrepit military buildings as the suns going down they look incredibly eerie. Those buildings are haunted with stories. I chose the spot because of that feeling, how it makes you shiver. We were fighting the night after that spot, so we ran over to the beach to finish the shoot.

How involved are you with the fashion and make-up process before shooting? I adore fashion. One of my favorite things is getting dressed in the morning. I’ll ask my models to bring over as many clothes as they want so we go through them together. I have a closet full of crazy thifted clothing and accessories, so a lot of things you see in my photographs are from my own collection. I stay clear of touching make-up on a shoot. I would make the model look like a hot mess. I’ve been wearing the same kind of make-up, the same way for about four years.

What was the vibe like for this fun halloween shoot? We drank some beers while getting ready and during, so were all having a great time! The most important thing on a shoot is to create a comfortable atmosphere, otherwise the photos won’t turn out. I want to create and have fun with whoever I’m photographing.

Why is halloween the best thing ever? I have loved Halloween ever since I was a little girl. Dressing up and acting weird is a frequent activity of mine, so it’s the perfect holiday for me. You can be as creepy as you want, and be whoever you want. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

Since you love halloween so much, what are YOU going as this year? Gandalf.

Have you ever had any experiences that made you think: “YES, this is what I want to do!”? Nothing makes me feel the way photographing does. I’ve known for a long time it’s what I wanted to do with my life. It’s like I never want to stop.

Where do you see yourself headed in the next five years? Any big plans? I’ll graduate with my Bachelors in Visual & Public Arts with a concentration in photography this may. Within the next five years I hope to travel more, to spend as much time as possible with the incredible people that I love, to keep things simple, to be happy, and to photograph always.

Behind the scenes photos were taken by Robyn Tiffany. The models were Tawna Renee, Jessica Cellona, Lindsay Cellona, and Christina Allen (who also did all of the make up).

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