Hey everyone! Like I told you last week, I’m on a little vacation and have some pretty spiffy guest bloggers lined up for the week! I wanted to make sure I gave them each a proper introduction, as they’re all talented creatives who were kind enough to help me out.

I attended college with Cassie, who happened to be in almost all of my classes! She’s a spunky thing with a killer eye for design! Right up my alley. I remember playing this game she designed as a prototype in class for HOURS. It was a good time, that’s for sure!

Abigail is a talented designer who also has a knack for cooking! You can find loads of her recipes on Dearest Nature, where she frequently contributes. And seriously, everything looks good … am I right??

Guess what? I went to school with Amanda, too! Honestly, she’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. She’s a social media guru and you can currently follow along on Door County Bride as she shares her wedding inspiration!

I worked with Samantha this past summer in creating her photo blog, Reve Du Jour. Let’s get real – she’s an extremely talented photographer. One of my favorites! I enjoy seeing life through her lens.

I met Liz through twitter and we’ve been buddies ever since! She is friendly and willing to talk design whenever and wherever, seriously. Because she doesn’t have a blog (yet), I’m so happy she was willing to contribute here this week!

I’ve been collaborating with Amy a lot lately. She’s an efficient designer + blogger who knows her stuff. She’s even worked on several projects for Rue Magazine.

Ciara is another friend I met through the twitter world. She’s a designer who has a carefully curated blog that I absolutely love to scroll through. She always finds the best things to post, so I’m pumped she’s here this week, too!

A big thank you to all of these lovely ladies for helping me out! Their posts will be rolling out throughout the week and they’re pretty great. Keep an eye out for em’!!

  1. Kelsey says:

    Love guest bloggers!! It is great seeing who other people admire! {I would love a tutorial on how you get that “pin it” button on your images!}

  2. Nuvea says:

    thanks for sharing your friends with us! I’m already hooked on Samantha’s blog. :)

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