I know a few of you have asked who the special guy is in my life, and I’ve certainly talked about him from time to time on the blog and twitter, but I thought I’d introduce you all to him here, officially. That’s us, above. I mixed in a few really old pictures that made me smile, just in case you’re wondering why we look so young!

Michael and I met back in high school. We had known of each other throughout the four years and all, but it was a big class. 575 people. So, we weren’t really good friends until senior year. Dang! We watched many movies, hung out lots, went on pizza dates, and eventually went to our senior prom together that last year.

Come college, we had a long distance relationship for two years, including a 4 month LONGER distance relationship while Michael studied in New Zealand. But you know what, it worked out! I know distance doesn’t necessarily end happily for everyone, but we’ve always thought it strengthened us, both individually and as a couple.

Currently, I’m doing my design life thing (which you guys know), while Michael finishes out graduate school. Don’t worry, we’ved lived in the same city for almost three years now. No more distance! And I’m sure these next few years will be quite the adventure for us both, but I can’t wait. So that’s Michael and I for ya, folks. He’s my best friend no matter how cheesy that sounds.

  1. Krissy says:

    Ermkay, you guys are RIDICULOUSLY adorable. I love these sorts of posts! :D

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