I’m guessing most of you have heard about Mignon Kitchen Co. by now, right?? It’s such a beautifully curated shop for all of your kitchen needs … I certainly wish I could live in the actual website. Is that nerdy? Probably, but it’s just so well done!! Their product photography is also ON PAR, which is what I wanted to gush about today. Not only are the compositions great, but these shots are working – let me tell ya – I want to buy everything.

  1. amy says:

    rachel is so, so good with the curation and photography. i love that website and want to live in it too. and it’s funny, because it’s seattle based, and it FEELS like seattle…which is awesome that reads through! :)

  2. Alison says:

    Such lovely images. Rachel’s shop could as easily be for the art as the products.

  3. anto says:

    I absolutely agree. Their photography is so beautiful, almost dreamy.

  4. rita says:

    wow… these are amazing! thank you for sharing! i can’t wait to dive into the site!

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