You guys are probably going to think I’m weird, but the criteria I used for songs in this mix was “would I listen to this on the moon?” I’ve never been to the moon and I doubt I’ll get there, but it was fun pretending. Maybe you’ll disagree with my inspiration, BUT, if you want some subtle music playing in the background – these are for you!

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01. “The Fun Powder Plot” — Wild Beasts
02. “Jungle” — Emma Louise
03. “When They Came For Us” — Shiny Toy Guns
04. “Let Me Go” — Phantogram
05. “Unknown” — The Maccabees
06. “The Children” — Yeasayer
07. “White Night” — Little Girls
08. “How It Is” — Lightfoils
09. “Feel It All Around” — Washed Out
10. “Resurrection” — The Temper Trap
11. “Fever Dreams” — Nurses
12. “The Ends” — The NAked And Famous

  1. jessie says:

    A. Love the mix!
    B. What font is that?

  2. Heidi says:

    I just have to say-I love your blog-but i also am super excited when another mix comes along, I listen to them when I’m sewing, they’re so perfect! :)

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