I had fun with this cover guys … definitely went with the flow. And the beats, well, you’ll probably snap your fingers to them. These are definitely songs I’d run or drive to on a nice and sunny day. Enjoy!

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01. “Annie You Save Me” — Graffiti6
02. “Get Some” — Lykke Li
03. “Holdin on to Black Metal” — My Morning Jacket
04. “Go Outside” — Cults
05. “Brittany’s Back” — The Love Language
06. “The Reeling” — Passion Pit
07. “Salsaness” — Radiation City
08. “Compliments” — Band of Horses
09. “The Blues Are Still Blue” — Belle & Sebastian
10. “Ophelia” — Death Songs

  1. anto says:

    I have been waiting for your next mix. I love finding new songs and artists and these mixes are usually filled with great songs I have yet to hear.

  2. KELLY says:

    Nice mix! I love the cults. Just saw them at Pitchfork.

  3. jenny stokes says:

    This is an EXCELLENT mix. LOVE it.

  4. Jo says:

    Totally in love with that cover, Bre! Beautiful. Listening to the mix right now, loving it!

  5. ATHENA says:

    The Blues Are Still Blue is one of my all-time favorite sun=shining-windows-down-singing-so-loud-you’re-almost-screaming songs. Ever.

    I LOVE your taste in music – and sort of ADORE you, as well. xx

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