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Since I’m away this week, I had a good friend of mine, Kristin, make us a playlist to enjoy! She’s really good at picking out music, and pulled out all the stops for this one. I’m serious, folks. Fifteen songs! Dang. Here’s what she had to say :

“Hi guys! Super pumped to be bringing some tune-age for you to enjoy today! I’m a bit of a mixtape making fanatic ( don’t ask me to count how many playlists I have in iTunes ), and I tend to compile my mixes based on a specific feeling or mood from a small moment in time. This particular musical moment comes from a soft, foggy morning and embracing the transition of seasons from end of winter to early, early spring. Subdued yet bright – what I consider the perfect marriage of winter and spring. Happy listening!”


01. “All These Things” — MMoths (feat. Holly Miranda)
02. “Sleep Alone” — Bat For Lashes
03. “It’s Not Up To You” — Björk
04. “Ungirthed” — Purity Ring
05. “Now’s The Only Time I Know” — Fever Ray
06. “The Garden” — Sofia Talvik
07. “In The Morning” — Junior Boys
08. “Hunt” — Goldfrapp
09. “Hazelton” — Bon Iver
10. “Someone Like Me” — Röyksopp
11. “Sleeping In” — The Radio Dept.
12. “Plastic Man” — Alexis Taylor
13. “Ride” — Lana del Rey
14. “Verseau” — Cœur de Pirate
15. “Sinking Friendships” — Jónsi

  1. I love new music! I can’t wait to check out these songs later!

  2. Charlotte says:

    Thanks for sharing! I’m adoring all the surreal Scandinavian :)

  3. Carolynn says:

    your site is beautiful! thanks for sharing!

  4. Latrina says:

    One of my favorite columns to create on my blog are my Mixtapes! It’s always fun to share music. :)

    Loving this playlist, by the way. I’m only a few songs in to it… but I recognize a lot of the songs. It’s a good one, thanks, Kristin!

  5. Kristin B says:

    Belated thanks again for having me on the blog, dude! Loved getting share a little slice of mixtape-y goodness with everyone! :)

  6. […] volunteered to make a little travel inspired mix for all of you. She’s been a guest mixer in the past and done a killer job, as always, so I’m thrilled she decided to stop back again and grace us […]

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