mixtape / belong nowhere & wander free

Since I’m away, Krissy volunteered to make a little travel inspired mix for all of you. She’s been a guest mixer in the past and done a killer job, as always, so I’m thrilled she decided to stop back again and grace us with her music curation skills. Here is what she had to say :

“Hi guys! Excited to be back to share some more tunes with you! With Bre off exploring the French country ( and city ) side, I’ve got some travel inspired music to kick off the day… and maybe help squander some of our ( my ) envy at Bre’s voyage abroad. ( Because I’m mega envious, not gonna lie. ) It’s not quite the same as actually being out and taking in the world, but this mix will have you feeling that wanderlust spirit full force and hopefully ignite your inner explorer! And hopefully you’ll be able to indulge in these adventurous thoughts over the coming summer months. Get out there and take’er all in! Happy adventuring and happy listening!”


01. “Go Do” — Jónsi
02. “Run” — Vampire Weekend
03. “Road To Somewhere” — Goldfrapp
04. “Freedom” — Emma Louise
05. “A Horse With No Name” — America
06. “Mountain Sound” — Of Monsters and Men
07. “Wanderlust” — Björk
08. “Another” — The White Album
09. “Don’t Look Back” — She & Him
10. “Hungry Face” — Mogwai
11. “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea” — Neutral Milk Hotel
12. “Deserted Homes” — Fallulah

  1. Monica says:

    Krissy did a killer job, for sure!
    Great mix :)


  2. aptaškyta says:

    Great mix! It contains some of my old favorite songs and some I haven’t heard before. I definitely love this!

  3. Awesome mix! Not helping with my itchy feet to up and travel though… :)

  4. Kristin B says:

    Mega thrilled you had me back! Always a pleasure, my dear. And hope you’re having an AMAZING time in France!

  5. Latrina says:

    Yay! I love Krissy’s taste in music. This mixtape rocks. And I have to second what she said: I’m totally envious of you, Bre! I love that you’re exploring over there though. I do hope you share your adventures here with us when you get back. :)

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