mixtape 29 / salty sweet

I’ve had a mixtape in the works for awhile now that was temporarily called “fast & fun,” because that is exactly what this is. I mean, it’s Monday and we all need a pick me up, right?? My to-do list this week is completely scaring me, so I think I’ll spend my morning jamming to this while getting things done. Fun music always helps me focus + pass the time. Listen / enjoy below!

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01. “Tongues” — Joywave ft. KOPPS
02. “Booty Swing” — Parov Stelar
03. “Holidays” — Miami Horror ft. Alan Palomo
04. “Speak In Rounds” — Grizzly Bear
05. “John The Determinist” — Jeremy Messersmith
06. “Salty Sweet” — MS MR
07. “You With Air” — Young Magic
08. “Wash My Hands” — Kormac
09. “Wide Eyes” — Local Natives
10. “Brooklyn Summer” — Teen Daze

  1. Kira says:

    Thanks for the tunes! I just saw the Local Natives in Milan last week. I was in the front row!

  2. Margot says:

    I had never heard of a single band or track of this list and though most of it isn’t what I’d normally listen to, I really enjoyed hearing each and every song! It’s indeed a perfect fast & fun playlist full of nice summer tunes :)

  3. Oh whoa, I haven’t heard of any of these artists! I’m super anxious to give it a listen — this is definitely the type of music I need this week. Lots to do! And “fast + fun” definitely helps with that. :)

    Btw, how adorable is that photo!? I l almost used it in one of my previous blog posts, too. Olivia is amazing.

  4. I love this mix – the ideal post-work pick me up to get down and writing!

  5. Hannelore says:

    Oh Parov Stelar :) Always reminds me of a wonderful small concert of them where the singer actually dedicated a song to me because I was dancing barefoot and with so much enthousiasm. Lovely memories.

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