After several months of go go go when it comes to projects + clients, I’ve started to slow down a bit. Phew!! I’m to a point where luckily, I’m able to pick and choose which projects I take on. And with that, I’m not taking on as much so I can really focus on what it is that I’m doing. With that said, here is an up and coming project for a lady who is multifaceted – an entrepreneur of sorts. I know I know, I keep it all anonymous when I’m sharing moodboards, but seriously, this one is going to be fun! Plus, because of her many endeavors, we’re hoping to work on more projects together!

The tone for this, her personal branding, was coined as “modern nostalgia.” We plan to pair hand-writing with modern typography. Always a good combo, I say. Can’t wait to share more!!

  1. Kristin B says:

    Aw, look you being all amazing! Congrats on being at the point where you can pick the projects that creatively inspire you. Many, many high fives, dude. :D
    (And as always, lurrrving your mood board.)

  2. shana says:

    off to a gorgeous start! love it!

    cheers from shana

  3. Pati Mo says:

    love the color palette! Xx

  4. Gabriella says:

    Love this moodboard – I can’t wait to see more!

  5. sheryl says:

    love the moodboard, colours are amazing!! cannot wait to see more of this project

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