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Since summer was a bit slower with work after coming back from France, things are starting to pick back up again as we get into the swing of pre-fall. Everyone must be slowly getting into a semi-normal routine, right?? I know I’m trying to! With that said, I have a bunch of upcoming projects that I’m thrilled about and as usual, can’t wait to share. This particular moodboard is for a new restaurant – and since I love food ( probably too much ) – this has been a dream to work on so far. The brand will be very modern and simple, paired with influences of France + Italy’s countrysides. That means nourishing textural elements as well as rich colors. Much more to come soon!!

  1. Melanie says:

    Breanna! Hey again! So I’m actually posting a moodboard right now and talking a bit about a post you did that made me realize I need to include them in my design process. So thanks for that! It’s definitely added a lot more dimension and depth to my final designs!

    I’m especially excited about the colors in this project! Well, and that it involves food : ) I’m glad business is picking back up for you. I started out freelancing by doing blog designs and as I’ve grown and raised my prices I’ve noticed a trend in my client base: I’m doing less blog designs for individuals and more work with businesses (which sometimes includes a blog design, but mostly just graphic work and sometimes website stuff). Do you mostly do work for businesses (vs individuals)? And do you solely get business from word of mouth or do you approach potential clients sometimes?

    Things have been a bit slower for me since my most recent price increase (which I think is still on the lower end for design prices), and I’ve always just relied on word of mouth for business. I’m wondering if I need to re-strategize and form a new game plan.

    Oh dear. Okay my word rant is over now : )

    • breanna says:

      Hey Melanie,
      Yes – I actually did the same thing as you. When I first started out, I was involved with a lot of blog design projects, but overtime … I shied away from that in favor of working with larger brands. Sometimes, I still do a blog design here or there, but I prefer to work with businesses. Sometimes the business is a larger company, while sometimes it’s just a solo photographer, but I love each type and the variety it creates. :)

      A lot of my inquiries come in through networking, this blog, social media, word of mouth, etc. It’s a whole plethora of things, which is great!

  2. Kim Senn says:

    Sounds fabulous, Bre! Can’t wait to see where this one goes. Is it a local restaurant?

  3. Angel Y. says:

    Adoring the mustard yellow as well as The Spice & The Spoon logo. I’m glad things are picking up and people are buckling down to get projects completed before the end of the year. Looking forward to seeing what you’re working on.

  4. Steve says:

    Love the Josh Cohen School of Music website. Thanks for sharing. Wished I lived in Melbourne!

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