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I just finished up this moodboard with a current client and am about to dig into their brand, so I thought I’d share where we’re at with you all! As you may have guessed, this one is for an up and coming online kids clothing shop that’s aiming to provide hip options for the young ones in our lives. We’re aiming to create a brand that feels modern + clean, but fun all the same. That part is important. ;) To achieve this, I’ll be exploring classic + simple typography options as well as outside design solutions (think geometric!) that will take their overall identity to the next level. It’s always fun to see all of the moving parts (like color, texture, patterns, font system, etc.) come together and I can’t wait to share more!

PS I also presented another moodboard, which you can see here. But ultimately, we decided that a more upscale color palette (not as bright) was more inline with the vibe they wanted to create, while still keeping things fun!

  1. Love it! But I love the other one too … haha :-) Nice work.

    • breanna says:

      Haha! I love the other one too and kept going back and forth, but even though it’s a brand for kids, they wanted to keep it on the more sophisticated end … so the shown moodboard makes more sense!

  2. Allie says:

    I love it! I think creating moodboards is such a surprisingly difficult task because that’s the moment you have to translate a feeling into colors and images. It’s definitely a talent! :)

  3. ma-luxe says:

    Love love love the colours you ended up choosing. It totally gives off the ‘kid friendly’ but ‘very sophisticated’ feeling. Just lovely.

  4. Uma Gokhale says:

    LOVE the color scheme! I’m a designer my self running my own design studio. Do check out my site at

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