moodboard / by breanna rose

Another fun project is in the works over here and this one has to do with plants, which I absolutely love. I’ve become quite a fan of succulents in recent years and enjoy having them scattered about our apartment. Michael is MUCH better at taking care of them, though. Woops. But back to the board – we will be focusing on combining script typefaces with something much more modern. The combo of these gives off a very naturally sleek look, which is precisely what the client is looking to see. Plus, there is an ampersand ( a designer’s dream ) prominently in the title, so I’ll be sure to go all out with that. Can’t wait to share more!!

  1. Hyemi says:

    love this! especially the color scheme, cant wait to see your new project :)

  2. Angel Y. says:

    I’m adoring the gold with teal in this moodboard. Looking forward to seeing which script you choose!

  3. Quyen says:

    I love reading about your design process. It makes your design blog more personal than the others I’ve read. I don’t consider myself a creative person, although I do have my moments. Using your design process, I’ve started working on ideas for an updated logo for my travel business and blog (and eventually an updated format for my itineraries). Your tips are great and I’m looking forward to reading, and learning more!

  4. Tanea says:

    Oh, I love the pink and gold! I’m doing something similar for a project. :)

  5. JP says:

    Very much like this moodboard. It feels organic, but still modern. Love the color palette. I’m excited to see the project that stems from it!

  6. Anna says:

    CUTE color combination, if I could add a gif of someone clapping in this comment, I would!

  7. Wow, this moodboard is gorgeous! Do you use the grid option in PS when you make them? Or do you use Illustrator? How do you get the borders so perfect?

  8. I love this! I’m always excited to see your projects because your moodboards are fab! I have to say this is the most fun part of my design process for me because I love seeing what the moodboard inspires me to make in the end! Can’t wait for the final result!

  9. Angela P says:

    Love the colors!

  10. Thank you for sharing and expression

  11. JACLYN says:

    YAY ampersands!! (my favorite) Loving the look and feel of this moodboard!

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