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So, the above moodboard is for a brand that I am insanely excited about developing. It’s the kind of perfect fit that sends your head spinning down so many happy directions. Plus, the client I’m working with is extremely driven and has such a beautiful passion behind her upcoming business venture. While I will keep most of it a secret ( I know, I always do this ) for now, I can tell you that it has to do with the ladies and a little old fashioned adventure. Tastefully outdoorsy. With just a hint of glam. More soon!!

  1. Jeline says:

    This is a lovely moodboard, Breanna! Also, would you happen to know a place where I can find really beautiful minimalist Blogger themes? Sort of like Blogmilk’s themes :) xx

  2. Love the mood board Breanna! My question for you is this: Do you specify in your contract with your client that you can post the mood board before the project is complete? Do you just ask for permission? I have always wondered how people show work in progress for brand projects. Most of my clients are so hush hush, they don’t’ want anyone stealing their ideas before they make it official.

    • breanna says:

      Thank you, Loretta! Yes, I have a clause in my contract that goes over confidentiality. Most times, clients are okay with me sharing moodboards and actually ask if I’m going to ( since I do so often around here ). I never say who it’s for, so it’s kept really secretive and is mainly a time when I can talk about style + aesthetics, really. I find that it doesn’t really give away much of anything! More for inspiration purposes. :)

  3. Angel Y. says:

    I hope navy and gold continues to trend in design. It’s one of my favorite color combinations that I think doesn’t get as much love as it should. Love this!

  4. amber says:

    you do amazing work breanna… i love this mood board.

  5. Jessica Wray says:

    love this! is that a bunny resting on her shoulder in the top right photo!?

  6. COCOCOZY says:

    Inspiring. Need to get outdoors more!


  7. JACLYN says:

    ooooh girrrrrrrl. I am LOVING this moodboard! I can already feel with the moodboard pieces that this is a brand that I am going to connect with and I don’t even know what the company DOES yet. haha!

  8. Hey Breanna, I’ve got a question that maybe you can answer or maybe you’ve covered in a past freelance post you can link me to. When your clients come to you, are they usually looking for a full branding system (not just a logo, but accompanying stationary and other applications as well) or do you usually have to give ’em a little nudge to invest in a whole package? I’m currently tired of my same old work routine where someone just asks me to “design a logo” and that’s the end of that. I’m wondering if you did anything to get to the point where a client wants or agrees to have you design a full system for them (logo, branding system elements, business cards, website, etc)?

    • breanna says:

      Great question and I don’t think I’ve really covered it, actually! I used to design “just logos” for people who asked, but stopped doing that awhile ago. Instead, I have a “branding package” that potential clients can choose from, which includes strategy planning, concept development, logo design, color palette, font system, and anything extra ( patterns, mark, etc. ) that may be needed for that particular brand. I just got to a point where I wasn’t interested in working with people who weren’t interested in branding. If it wasn’t important for them to have it, then I didn’t want to be a part of it. Sounds a little snobby, but you gotta do what you gotta do! I often try to explain more of what branding is to inquiries so that they are educated on what they should have to launch an appropriate business. More often than not, people understand and will invest! Sometimes, people just want to save money and go elsewhere. Being picky, though, leaves you with the best clients. ;)

      I keep build-out materials ( print + web ) as separate packages, so that clients can pick and choose what they need to stay on budget. I of course LOVE IT when they can do everything, but sometimes web is more important. Sometimes business cards are. I just leave it a la carte to help!

    • Thanks for your input! Super helpful. And I totally agree with you about filtering out clients that just don’t value branding. I’m definitely getting to that point with my work where doing lots of miscellaneous designs here and there doesn’t excite me nearly as much as the thought of only working on a few projects for clients actually interested in developing a cohesive branding system. Again, thanks for the insight! I guess my next move is to create packages on my price sheets so clients don’t have the option of commissioning me for “just a logo” haha.

  9. Michele says:

    Hi Breanna, this is lovely. I’m wondering, when you create brand boards, like with colors, patterns, etc, do you use a template or do you create it in Photoshop each time? I’m having trouble finding a template for that. Cheers, thanks!

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