I’ve decided to introduce a few new features to moxee, with wishlist (this post) being the first. I’ve been wanting to write more … weather it be personal or design related things, I’m ready to speak up! With that said, more features will be popping up throughout the next two weeks, so keep your eyes open.

In the mean time, let’s talk about desks. Currently, I have a very simple white top desk from ikea. It serves it’s purpose and is quite minimal (which I like), but I’m ready for something different! Next fall, I’m hoping to move downtown Minneapolis – which means, why not change my workspace?? After all, I literally spend 14 hours at it some days while working. It should be a place I’m in love with.

I’ve looked at loads of online stores for the perfect desk. But the problem is that they’re all SO expensive, which I simply can’t afford to do right now. My solution: DIY. I’m always hesitant to start these sorts of projects, because my patience isn’t the best. Luckily, I have a boyfriend who loves to make things work. Hopefully he’ll be willing to help me!!

Above are some images that I’ve pulled for inspiration. My hope is to mix a wood top with some very modern legs and/or drawers (I see another trip to IKEA in my future). Color palette: wood, black, and white. My favorite. I’m also picturing a nice green plant and mason jar with pencils on the desk. Back to the basics.

Have you guys ever done a DIY desk before? If so, tell me all about it … I’d love to hear about your process and see the finished piece.!

  1. sheryl says:

    I’ve thought about D.I.Y ….but knowing myself and my level of coordination, I’m really hesitant!

    But I like the idea of creating something unique, it sounds like you’ve got some exciting things ahead of you x

  2. amy says:

    sounds like a fun project – and it’s always nice to have something unique/custom that no one else has. maybe you could find an old wood door for the top and add some hairpin legs? i finally just bought my dream desk last week…definitely makes it more fun to work! good luck! :)

  3. MOXEE says:

    […] you see last week’s wishlist? I talked all about a DIY desk I want to take on, here. (red, black neck, synched black, dusty orange) 0 Click here to cancel […]

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