I’m so excited to share this moodboard with you all. The client who this belongs to has such style and a clear sense of natural aesthetics – it was wonderful to take her through my new branding exercise process and have everything be revealed so clearly. What do you guys think?? I know I can’t wait to dive in more and show you the finished results once we get there. It’s gonna be a good one.

  1. Jen Serafini says:

    I love this! The colors are working really well together :)

  2. JP says:

    Wonderful moodboard, as always. :) Can’t wait to see your new branding process!

  3. Erica says:

    I LOVE THIS!! Can’t wait to see the end product and would LOVE to hear about this new branding process. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sally says:

    I love this moodboard! Such a cool and stylish feel to it, and love the colour palette too.

  5. Danielle L says:

    really enjoying this color scheme!

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