Malena | Branding by Rowan MadeMalena | Branding by Rowan Made

A few months ago, I had the privilege of working with Flynn Coleman, founder of Malena, on the website design for her new venture. Flynn works alongside makers all over the world to provide gorgeous, ethical goods that tell a story + empower people. As an avid traveler herself (seriously, she’s been everywhere I’m pretty sure), it was clear right away that this project is a passion of hers … something that will grow and grow for years to come.

Malena | Branding by Rowan Made

We tweaked her existing brand very slightly and the dove straight into website strategy + design. Ultimately, we wanted to create something that was clean, easy to navigate, and centralized on the makers. You can learn more about who she works with right here, as well as shop by location at the end of that same page.

Malena | Branding by Rowan MadeMalena | Branding by Rowan Made

To see the entire website, feel free to click here and look around!! It’s fully responsive, has some unique features, and was developed by my friend Tom Wilz. Definitely a fun one to see live. Plus, you can shop around too. ;)

  1. Erin Haslag says:

    Beautiful branding, site and love the purpose behind the business!

  2. oh i love the simplicity of the site and brand! it really lets the beautiful message and mission of her business shite through. those goods look amazing, i might have to shop a lil bit ;) great job girl!!

  3. Kelly Brito says:

    What a perfect font for the logo. The cleanness of the website design really helped the focus to be kept on their images and message. ♥ And what a lovely website/business!

  4. I love this! So simple and powerful, just the way I like it! Great work.

  5. Kia says:

    Love, love, love the minimalism of the logo and website! The bright and cheerful photography really stands out! Awesome job Breanna!

  6. marcia says:

    these vibes. so much yes!
    absolutely incredible work, lady.

  7. Flynn says:

    Thanks so much Bre (and everyone for your wonderful comments)!! It was so amazing and fun to work with you and your stunning design sense. And I love seeing some of your favorite products here too! xo

    • breanna says:

      You are SO WELCOME. And cheers on the launch!! I keep visiting and get so excited for you. :) <3

  8. Love the design and the typeface. Is it Didot? x

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