Did you guys know that I grew up in a tennis family?? When I was only 1, I had my own little tennis outfit that my grandma made for me. Yes, THAT kind of tennis family : obsessed. It was a pretty cute outfit, though! I played tennis growing up and into high school, but overtime, I slowly became overwhelmed by pressure and athletic competition. While I’m quite comfortable in the creative world, I still love playing tennis recreationally and watching my dad + brother at their various matches.

When I stumbled across these beautiful images from Elle Italia, I knew I had to share them for a few reasons. First off, they’re stunning, right?? In recent years, I’ve found myself going onto the court in over the top outfits, caring far too much about the classy fashion that is tennis. I love it. And secondly, I found these images, coincidently, at the exact time of the year my family usually heads down to Florida for the Sony Ericsson tennis tournament in Key Biscayne. We’re not going this year because my brother’s tennis season starts today. No traditional vacation for us. BUMMER! I’ll miss dressing up fancy and going to matches, because after all, tennis is a classy pants sport guys. You can bet I get really into it.

  1. Amy says:

    sweeeeet! i grew up playing tennis too – all through middle and high school, and so did everyone else in my fam! so funny you posted this, cause i noticed there are courts right up the street from me last week and i’ve been dying to dust off my racket. too bad you don’t live closer to me…i could use a partner! ;)

    • bre says:

      YAY, a tennis buddy!! :) I still play around with my dad and bro sometimes, but yikes – they can hit. I figure when I’m in older, I’ll join some league and play doubles every weekend. HAHA. It’ll be cute!

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