If you’ve signed up for my newsletter, you already know about my new services, but I wanted to reach out to my readers as well! Over the past four months, I have been developing a new process to use with branding clients that helps unveil the best strategy for their business. After using the new process with several current clients and being blown away by the results, I’ve found a new love for marketing + strategizing.

With that said, I am here today to announce the launch of a new service within my business – consultations. Although you can read more about the process ( and pricing ) on this page, which is also listed in my side menu, here is a brief description about what my consultation offers :

01. You will receive a packet in the mail filled with six worksheets and some other goodies. These exercises are designed to reveal many different aspects of your brand + business including future goals, aesthetics, dream clients, and the best direction for you to move forward.

02. Once I have received your exercises back, we will schedule a phone call to discuss everything you’ve written down and what it all means for the future of your business.

03. I will take both our phone call and your exercise answers into account in order to craft a strategy guide for your brand. It will include a mission statement, detailed timeline, aesthetics overview, and a dream client profile.

04. After receiving your final strategy guide, you will have access to me via email for the following four weeks should you have any questions, comments, or if you’d like to discuss how the strategy is moving forward.

Well, there you have it! Newsletter subscribers had first dibs on grabbing open spots earlier this week, so if this is something you’re interested – I would consider securing your spot sooner than later. So what are you waiting for?? If you’re not satisfied with your current brand ( and you deserve to be! ), but don’t necessarily have the budget for a full branding overhaul – then this is the best first step you can take. I promise.