The photography styling for this knit scarf is killer, can we agree? I wish I was as cool as that person, let’s be honest. But I don’t even drink coffee. Anyway … you can purchase this one at Of A Kind, which is this really cool online shop that sells great pieces from designers with a limited quantity. That way – you know what you’re buying truly is ( some number ) of a kind.

I would give anything to dive into that comfy cozy scarf right about now. January / February are the coldest months up here and this year is being extra not nice to us.

  1. Abbie says:

    That cowl is super easy to make!! Do you knit??

    • bre says:

      Ugh, no, I don’t knit. :( I’ve wanted to teach myself but can’t find the time. I think it may be something to help relax me if I gave it a go, so we’ll see!!

  2. Oh my! That cowl is amazing, and that girl is so…cool. Nothing around it, just plain cool. I am with you, I don’t drink coffee either but I think holding tea looks pretty cool as well:) (Loose leaf preferably.)


  3. rachel says:

    I’m dying over this scarf. I’ve knit myself scarves for ages now and did i ever think to do color block? no. Well I’m already heading to hobby lobby tonight so why the heck not pick up some yarn!

  4. Chloe Moon says:

    How pretty! I wish I was her right now!

  5. anto says:

    As an avid knitter I appreciate a beautiful knit accessory and as a photography lover I am stunned by this shoot. Everything about it is gorgeous, especially the styling.

  6. Ranu says:

    I want to learn too! There is a company, Wool and the Gang, that send you a starter kit! Also, pretty much everything Of A Kind puts out is awesome. Love that scarf too.

  7. Chantelle says:

    Wow that is some stunning photography. You are on the nail with this find!

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