Today’s the day, everyone … Emma and I couldn’t be more excited to launch OUR PAPER SHOP after months of hard work and collaboration!! It has certainly been an adventure working on everything from initial design concepts to business and marketing. We’ve learned a lot and can’t wait to see where this takes us. Plus, I have a super cool business partner … if I haven’t mentioned it enough already. But enough of the chit chat, you guys should head on over to our paper shop and check everything out. We hope you find something you love!

We have a blog too … and guess what?? There are TWO free desktops for January available for you over there, so make sure to stop by!

And if you’re not quite there yet, here’s a little preview of our products via thumbnails. By heading on over to our shop you can see a ton or larger product photography!!

  1. Trina says:

    So much goodness! Congrats. Everything is killer cool + super pretty! So excited I had to blog about it!

  2. Donaville says:

    You ladies did a fantastic job! I love (and want) everything you sell :)

  3. amy says:

    Loving everything, Bre – you and Emma did a GORGEOUS job. I’m seriously so impressed. And I already snagged those Parisian postcards so I can keep my European vacation dream alive! ;) CONGRATS!!

  4. Mailinh says:

    It’s like Christmas and my birthday all over again! Love, love, love the paper goodies! :)))

  5. You ladies are such an inspiration. Our Paper Shop is so well designed and carefully put together. :)

  6. kelly ann says:

    Congratulations to both of you! I just looked through the shop, and I’m not kidding when I saw I want everything. ;)

  7. kelly ann says:

    *whoops! say, not saw :)

  8. joannegarcia says:

    i’m so excited! congratulations … the shop looks great :)

    i want to buy so many things!

  9. Rachael says:

    Congrats on your shop!! AND for the free desktops, very cool!

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