New Orleans + Florida | Breanna Rose

Hey everyone! I’m back from my trip down to New Orleans + the Florida Panhandle and man was it good to relax and NOT work. I was pretty lazy when packing and decided not to bring my nice camera. Major regret on my end. At least I had my iphone with me to capture some beautiful things along the way, most of which I shared over on instagram! But since I didn’t take a ton photos ( sorry!! ), I thought I would cover our trip in one overview post. I promise that I’ll be better next time. ;)

New Orleans + Florida | Breanna Rose

As I’ve mentioned before, we decided to drive down to New Orleans, LA from Minneapolis, which in total was about a 19 hour drive after stops. I can’t even begin to describe how good it felt as we finally started seeing more green and less brown in the surrounding scenery. We actually only spent one entire day walking around NOLA. We stayed in the Central Business District, just two blocks from the French Quarter which ended up being a perfect location, especially with a few lingering safety concerns. Like Paris, it was fun to just get lost in all the streets and alleys there. We ate lunch at Cafe Pontalba on a whim, since we were hungry and happened to walk by just outside of the Saint Louis Cathedral, which is beautiful! Lunch was filled with traditional Po’ Boys and Hurricane drinks ( YUM ) before heading out to wander some more. We stepped inside many shops and made a point to grab some coffee + beignets ( you all were 100% right on that one ) at the famous CafĂ© Du Monde. We chatted with a nice local family there who told us to head over to Royal Street for some awesome street music! I can’t remember who exactly we listened to, but it was two ladies playing violin + guitar together in duet format. SO GOOD.

On our way out of NOLA on the second day, we drove through the Garden District, which is full of classic Southern mansions ( whoa ) and beautiful gardens. We parked at Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, walked through, and enjoyed the surrounding neighborhoods, too. If I go back again, I would probably opt to stay in the Garden District, as I personally felt the French Quarter was more busy + loud than I typically prefer. But that’s just me! It was nice to enjoy both.

New Orleans + Florida | Breanna Rose

Next, we headed over to the Florida Panhandle for the rest of our stay. While we were hoping for warm weather + LOTS of sunshine, it only topped out around 68 degrees and was mostly windy and cloudy, which was a bit of a bummer. I actually wore a light leather coat the whole time ( don’t worry, my mom + aunt made fun of me ) because I’m a wuss. Woops. We stayed at the Hilton on Sandestin in Miramar Beach, which was more of a splurge for us to be right on the Ocean. Since the weather wasn’t great, we did a whole lot of walking around, shopping, and eating.

On the nicest day, we hopped in the car and drove down 30A to explore some insanely beautiful beach towns, including Seaside, Alys Beach, and Rosemary Beach. And all I have to say is WOW. These places are luxe and sweet and everything in between. In Seaside, everything is pastel and ideal. We enjoyed hitting up their local food trucks that lined the main square. Super tasty. We then moved on to Alys Beach, which is like putting my aesthetic into a box and transforming it into a neighborhood. Just ask my road trip buddies. I walked around like I was lost in some sort of white wonderland. We only spent a half hour walking around here, but I already decided that it’s the place I want to retire. It’ll most likely not happen, but a girl can dream, right? And last but not least, Rosemary Beach was our last stop. Another dreamy town with a totally different vibe. They had more shops to go into and I ended up buying a comfy blanket in one of them. While here, the temperature started rising quickly, so we decided to book it back to the hotel and enjoy what was left of the day oceanside!

New Orleans + Florida | Breanna Rose

Other than perusing beach towns, we did a whole lot of eating. Duh! While I try to be mindful of what I eat while on vacation, I also want to enjoy myself, so I don’t worry too much about it. Because hey … life is short. We had pasta at Travinia outside on their patio by the fire topped with a bottle of wine. That was a fun night! But my favorite, by far, was this tiny Italian Kitchen, Christiano’s, in a random strip mall along the highway. We found it after a random internet search with a huge craving for pizza. Of course. The food, the staff … everything was amazing. We even asked our waiter ( also a practicing chef ) if he would open up a branch in Minnesota. He was too scared of snow and said no, bummer. I have a feeling that I’ll dream about this place for years to come! Other than that, other favorites included a Mexican dinner at Cantina Laredo and gelato in Seaside at Heavenly’s. I could go for some of that right now! But alas, it’s time to get back to work. I have some exciting things coming up that I can’t wait to share with you all. Cheers to a fresh new week!

  1. Kat Curling says:

    I’m SO glad you posted this! My friend and I are actually taking a mini trip to NOLA from Texas in a few weeks. Anything in particular you suggest doing apart from the obvious? I’m hoping to stray away from the touristy stuff and what not. Looks like you had fun!

    • breanna says:

      Awesome! I would suggest taking the St. Charles Streetcar from one of the stops in the French Quarter or Central Business District ( depending on where you’re staying it ) and then take it through the Garden District! We were going to do this, but since we were driving out of town that day … we just took our car along the same route. But you can look up their transit system there and check out the Trolley rides / plan accordingly. The St. Charles one goes into the Garden District far and you can see a TON of mansions. It feels less touristy there! You can also hop on / off whenever you want at the various stops.

      I was also told Frenchmen street was cool ( restaurant + live music ), but we didn’t have time to go there. :( Have so much fun!!

    • Kat Curling says:

      Well we are renting a little cottage just off of the french quarter for a few days so hopefully we can pack everything that we want to do into those days! Thanks for your suggestions, I’ll definitely check out Frenchman street too. Riding one of the trollies is definitely on my to do list but I have a feeling I’ll be tempted to just walk the whole garden district since it seems so dreamy. haha

  2. Kelly Brito says:

    Oh, it all just sound so exciting. I loved seeing the photos on Instagram. That first photo reminds me the houses we see in Greece.
    I’ve been planning a trip to NOLA since last Summer. I’m hoping to spend a weekend there this Summer, so thanks for sharing your experience!!! :)

    • breanna says:

      Aww thank you! Yup, that first photo is from Alys Beach in Florida and everything there reminded me of Greece … or some distant place. So cool / weird to be right in the middle of Florida.

      Good luck with your NOLA planning! hopefully some of these tips helps. :)

  3. Kelle says:

    Oh, isn’t Alys Beach awesome!?!? I stayed in Seaside last summer and it was dreamy!! One of the best spots in Florida. Glad you had a great trip.

    • breanna says:

      So dreamy! I loved all those little beach towns. It really is one of my favorite spots in Florida now … and I’ve been to many. ;)

  4. Vicky says:

    I love the pics! it was a wonderful trip! thanks for share it Breanna!!

  5. You know — I lived in Tennessee for almost 25 years yet I have *never* been to Florida! So strange. But I definitely spent some time in New Orleans — such a lovely place and unlike any other city in the South, I think! And I agree — It’s definitely a place you can just get lost in. So many wonderful places… and the French Quarter is the best!

    I think these images are absolutely gorgeous, Bre! I love the way you put them together, too. If I didn’t know better, the first one was taken somewhere in Greece! So fascinating.

    • breanna says:

      Oh man. You’re from Tennessee?? I absolutely love that state. :) As we drove through there on our way back home I thought to myself “OH MAN, I could live here.” It’s beautiful! But anyway, yes! The first picture does look like it was taken in Greece. It was that beach town, Alys, where everything feels a little bit like Greece. I loved it!

  6. Not going to lie, I’m pretty damn impressed that all of these were taken with the iphone. You are magical my dear!

    • breanna says:

      Well thank you! I just wish I had my nicer one, as I think it forces me to take MORE photos and really compose stuff, etc. ;)

  7. alicia says:

    That white sand, so jealous :)

  8. Kory says:

    Those photos are absolutely gorgeous! It totally looks ( and sounds! ) like y’all had a great time. Can’t wait to hear what you’re working on! :)

  9. Frances says:

    Wow, it sounds like a great trip! Thanks for sharing all of these photos; it is nice to see a place with color instead of the white and brown up here. New Orleans is a place I’ve always wanted to go to. I’m headed south pretty soon to Florida (Sarasota area) and I hope it is warm! Anything above 40F would be welcome haha.

    • breanna says:

      For sure! We first hit REAL green stuff in Memphis and I was so blissed out happy. We kept saying “look at the trees” + “look at the grass” like broken records. Ha! Enjoy your trip to Florida. I hope it’s nice and warm + green for ya!

  10. Maryn says:

    Lovely pics! I can’t wait to take a trip to NOLA (we just moved to Austin). Thanks for the inspo.

  11. Rachel says:

    YESSSSSS. Thank you! I’m gonna be in NOLA for a wedding in October and now I am SO pumped!!!!

    Lovely photos.

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