The Rose Shed Design Process | By Rowan Made

I love sharing process posts with you all. :) I have some cool projects in the works right now, but since this particular one is about to wrap up, I thought I’d share some examples of where we’ve been! The Rose Shed is Rachel Husband’s floristry business in the UK and she’s been an absolute delight to work with. Seriously. Together, our goal was to rebrand her business into a more editorial and sophisticated, yet femme ethos. And the modern serif typography, paired with a lighter palette does just that. Looking back through my sketches, I realized that I never shared her original moodboard with you, so I’ve included that below as well. It’s a favorite of mine!

The Rose Shed Moodboard | Curated by Rowan Made

The branding is officially finalized (hint hint, we landed on the top option) and her website is about to go into development, so I’m THISCLOSE to sharing the whole shebang with you all. Plus, you gotta love when you’re given gorgeous photos full of florals to work with. Kinda made me want to change careers? Okay not really, but the thought did cross my mind. I suspect that I’ll be rolling out some new designs very shortly (and sharing more about some of my new design process), so keep checking back. ;)

Traditional vs. Untraditional Design Studio | By Breanna Rose of Rowan Made

I’ve subtly mentioned in many of my most recent blog posts that I’m currently working on streamlining my business. And that I would share a lot of that process with you all, so here it goes! No more of that vague “what is she really doing” sh*t. Ha. Throughout my freelancing career, it’s always been a goal of mine to create a studio that felt bigger than it was. To offer what the traditional studios offered, just in a smaller package. More boutique. At least that’s what I thought I wanted. I looked up to (and still do) studios like Ro And Co. and Stitch Design Co., who seemed to grow while staying true to their small roots. But as time went on, I realized that I liked working by myself for small businesses. And that maybe growing larger wasn’t what I really wanted.

Breanna Rose | Prague

After leaving Rome (full of pasta, pizza, and gelato), we took a short flight to Prague, a city that’s tremendously easy to fall in love with. Almost instantly, we were surrounded by picture perfect buildings along with a more quiet atmosphere that came at just the right time. Plus, you can walk this city in almost no time at all (relative to bigger cities like Rome), so it was refreshing to walk less and see more. We stayed extremely close to Old Town Square, which was perfect for people watching. We also happened to visit during an annual festival of Prague: Heart of Nations. We were guaranteed a show every night, which ranged from traditional African singers + dancers to this awesome group of five Russian women singing popular tunes from their country. I got into it. ;)

Breanna Rose | PragueBreanna Rose | Prague

And then, there was the gelato of course. Coming from Rome, we couldn’t help but research all the best places for ice cream in Prague as to avoid withdrawal. Ha. One place that came up time after time was Angelato, which definitely did not disappoint. We visited this place at least four times (oops) and I was a mega fan of their vanilla (boring, I know). We actually stumbled upon this place (and many more) on a blog called Taste of Prague, which I wish I would have found sooner. They host food tours around the city and even rent out their beautiful apartment, too. If I’m lucky enough to go back, I’ll definitely be checking in with them!

Breanna Rose | PragueBreanna Rose | PragueBreanna Rose | Prague

As far as other food goes, we first tried Lokál, which came recommended by Taste of Prague. They have more traditional Czech food (and cheap beer!), which we enjoyed because mashed potatoes #FORTHEWIN. We actually ate here twice since they have several locations, but I personally enjoyed the one in Hamburk best (much brighter). The other place that we loved was Dish. They specialize in burgers, which was much welcomed after over a week of indulging in pizza + pasta. Very cool interior, too. ;) Both places had English menus available upon request, which I was so grateful for because although I try to at least understand some basics before I go anywhere, I felt completely lost with the Czech language.

Breanna Rose | PragueBreanna Rose | PragueBreanna Rose | Prague

On our last full day in the Czech Republic, we hopped on a bus for a day trip to Český Krumlov, a small Renaissance town (with castle) on the Unesco Heritage List (B&W photo above). It’s a small place, so you don’t really need much time there. We easily walked all of the alleyways, grabbed some take-away lunch, and visited a rather large park in about 1-2 hours tops. We ended the day with a small tour of the castle that overlooks the town. It was no Versailles by any means, but still a very beautiful and interesting place. :)

Breanna Rose | Prague

If I’m being honest, Prague wasn’t even really on my radar before this trip. But when I hopped onboard, my friends had already picked out the city and I’m SO glad they did! It’s full of beautiful architecture, tasty food, and locals that are humble and proud of where they live. There’s no need to rush through this city. Simply grab some ice cream (or I guess meat on a stick if that’s your thing), people watch, and enjoy your day. Sometimes it’s not about seeing ALL of the touristy things, but instead taking it easy + doing as the locals do. That was my biggest take away from this trip! Until next time, Europe … ♥