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Over the past two plus weeks, I haven’t worked whatsoever. Not once. Instead, I hopped in a car, drove 24 hours down (and back) to celebrate the Holidays in Florida with my family, and generally just relaxed + enjoyed life. It’s been nice. ;) Since returning home, I’ve continued the slow routine, allowing for plenty of time to think about the year ahead. And when it comes down to it, I’m ready to just BE. To embrace the little things that make me unique instead of striving towards somebody I’m not. There’s a lot of good that happened in 2014 (like marrying my best friend and launching my new design studio Rowan Made), but there was also a lot of resistance.

Discovering who you are and being confident in your own skin is a process for many, and one that I’ve struggled with since entering the real world (AKA, adult life, or something like that). It’s easy to get caught up in the game. To art direct your life in a calculated way that seems to have worked for others. To push aside your personal needs so that goals can be met. A few wrong turns have lead me to believe this: the more you embrace and accept yourself, the more your life falls into place. I’ve spent the past few months practicing this and dismissing the little voice inside my head that speaks otherwise. As a result, I feel lighter. I smile more, don’t worry about the same things I used to, and am generally more confident all around. It’s a seemingly easy mindset that was terribly difficult to understand. But I like this place and I think I’ll stay for awhile.

On that note, I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday and Happy New Year! I’ll be back to my routine this week and sharing our trip to Florida very soon (spoiler alert : I ate the best penne vodka pasta of my life). Do note, the URL to my blog is now permanently housed at, but the old links will redirect here anyway so it doesn’t really matter. Just a little heads up! ♥

Christmas in Florida | Breanna Rose

Well friends, I’m off to Florida this evening to celebrate Christmas with my family. This is actually the first year that I’ll be heading out of state for the holidays, so it’s a nice change of pace! We’ll be driving the whole 24 hours down and back, filled with lots of fun things in between (like harry potter World, warm temps, the ocean, FOOD, etc.). I have zero plans of working or blogging, and will focus all of my attention on relaxing and enjoying all of the family time I can get. That’s what this time of the year is for, anyway. ;) Feel free to follow along over on instagram, as I’m sure I’ll be taking a picture of a palm tree at some point or another! I hope you all have a wonderful few weeks and enjoy your time with loved ones. Safe travels and happy holidays to all of you! ♥

Sebastian Joe's | Design Concept by Rowan MadeSebastian Joe's | Design Concept by Rowan MadeSebastian Joe's | Design Concept by Rowan Made

I finished up this self initiated project of mine a few months ago, but realized that I hadn’t shared the story with you all yet. So as I was finalizing Rowan Made this fall, I got the idea of developing a conceptual (and fake) project in order to help round out my portfolio and showcase the type of clients I love working with. I settled on rebranding Sebastian Joe’s, a local ice cream shop here in Minneapolis that I frequent, as I thought it would be a fun one to explore and build out in a variety of mediums. Sebastian Joe’s was the first place to provide premium made ice cream to the Twin Cities metro area, so there is a lot of history and pride found within this establishment. I wanted to solidify their brand by mixing nostalgia with a modern twist. That said, the colors, typography, and texture you see here provide a nice balance for this community driven ice cream shop.

Sebastian Joe's | Design Concept by Rowan MadeSebastian Joe's | Design Concept by Rowan Made

After finalizing the primary logo, I went ahead and carried out the brand into a variety of print elements, like banner shaped business cards, frequent buyer punch cards, flyers, and stickers. It was fun to carry out the identity from start to finish and envision how Sebastian Joe’s could use all of these moving parts in a cohesive way. All in all, it’s been one of the most fun projects to develop – despite it’s conceptual nature. I wasn’t hired to do any of this, and everything you see here simply lives in my portfolio, which is totally fine! I put just as much work into this as I would with any project, so perspective clients can see something different and unique that I love doing. It’s a win win! Plus, who knows … I may just present this to the actual establishment some day. You never know. ;)

Sebastian Joe's | Design Concept by Rowan Made

PS. Above is the moodboard I created for this project several months back. Before curating all of the images, I stopped by Sebastian Joe’s for some ice cream and sat down to take notes on the overall atmosphere and experience. By combining this with a little bit of research, I was able to create a base aesthetic to expand from. And hey, I kind of want to live in that moodboard.

Little Insights No. 18 | Breanna Rose

life as of late has gone a little something like this

ONE I’ve been obsessed with everything Everlane lately. I swear half of my closet is made up of their stuff in various shades of white, navy, and black. Next up, a leather wallet. It’s in my cart, I just need to bit the bullet and commit. ;) Plus, they’ve started sending catalogues with some of the orders, which is total eye candy for designers.

TWO Today is the last day to enter yourself for the Nell & Mary giveaway I’m hosting over on my instagram account. They are offering one of my followers a set of 4 napkins OR 2 tea towels of their choice. Their illustrations are absolutely beautiful and I’m so happy to have been introduced to a new brand that I hadn’t heard of. All of the instructions are over on instagram. Good luck friends, the winner will be chosen randomly tomorrow!!

THREE I’ve come to really love our dining / living room combo. This photo was taken last Friday in the afternoon, before our weekend kicked off and got really busy. We celebrated an early Christmas with my immediate side of the family (with lots of pasta!), got all of our holiday shopping complete, enjoyed a fun music concert my mom was apart of, attended Michael’s work party, and watched a lot of home videos (my younger self has inspired me to perhaps get bangs again, uh oh). Sometimes busy = good. And a whole lotta food. ;)

PS Registration for Be Free, Lance has been going so well, and today is actually the LAST day you can sign up for our first workshop this January!! Feel free to head on over to our website for more details. And don’t forget to use the code BEFREE10 at checkout for 10% off your total!

Creative Diaries by Breanna Rose | Featuring Chelsea Fullerton

I was lucky enough to meet Chelsea Fullerton in person a few years back at Designer Vaca. She’s sweet, fun, and a talented designer & photographer to boot. Plus, her home (Chelsea, can I have your living room??) in Austin was recently featured over on The Everygirl, which is a must see. For this creative diary entry, she was to focus on one single work day and answer a few simple questions about the good, the bad, and the inspiring. This is what happened, truthfully.

Took my earl grey tea and oatmeal out to the studio. I have a bad habit of eating breakfast and lunch in front of the computer. I’m gonna guess I’m not the only one out there :) I also start my day with a to-do list. I like to make a short list every morning just for that day.

Creative Diaries by Breanna Rose | Featuring Chelsea FullertonCreative Diaries by Breanna Rose | Featuring Chelsea Fullerton

Today I encouraged my client to letterpress print her business cards instead of digitally print the cards. Making a case for someone to spend more than triple what they would pay for digital cards can be tricky! If you’re ever in this situation, show your client physical samples of both and have a list of reasons why the paper and printing method you want is right for your client’s brand. And remember! Letterpress isn’t always the best solution. If your client’s product is relatively cheap or they hand out A LOT of cards, perhaps a well designed digital card is the best choice.

I posted one new blog entry and one new portfolio project. I’m trying hard to keep a steady rhythm of new content and work on my site! It’s hard to find time for it but it’s important to get fresh work up in order to attract the clients you want.

Creative Diaries by Breanna Rose | Featuring Chelsea FullertonCreative Diaries by Breanna Rose | Featuring Chelsea Fullerton

This month you’ll be able buy your Girl Scout cookies online! The program wants to teach Girl Scouts the importance of e-commerce and each Girl Scout will have her own web page to sell from. How cool is that? I read about this in a free daily news email I get from The Skimm. They give you important and interesting news from around the world in one funny email every morning. It’s my main source for news!

I spent a couple hours sketching a concept for a logo design.

Leftover spaghetti and raspberries for lunch!

Creative Diaries by Breanna Rose | Featuring Chelsea Fullerton

(Photos by Sarah Natsumi & Brooke Schwab)