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It’s been a busy few weeks, so I thought I’d check in and share a little behind the scenes action! A few weeks ago, Michael and I had date night before things started getting busy this month. We went to The Copper Hen, where my favorite macaroni & cheese lives (their logo is also amazing). We also visited The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, which is always free on Thursday evenings. Cheap date night for the win! Since then, we have been busy traveling, workshopping, working, hanging with friends + family, and watching House of Cards whenever we can.

Breanna Rose

I had a few of my good friends stay over at our house this weekend and tried out this recipe for homemade ice cream! It’s very vanilla and very simple, but I’m a fan nonetheless. We spent the evening eating pizza, drinking wine, playing Scattergories + Heads Up (awesome), and teaching each other yoga moves. Is this what adults do at sleepovers? I’ll take it. :)

Breanna Rose

I spent the first half of last week in Chicago with Jen to work on all things Be Free, Lance. Our first online workshop ended last month and we received a lot of great feedback that we wanted to take the time to sift through together. We have big plans for the future of our course and can’t wait to roll out a bunch of updates in the coming months. If you’re at all interested in joining our second workshop (starting June 1st), feel free to sign up for our mailing list. It’s the best way to hear about things first, as well as snag some deals. ;) More soon!!

PS. Michael and I are heading down to Phoenix, Arizona later this week for some R&R. His parents have a second home down there and I hear it’s going to be upwards of 90 degrees … so if you need me, I’ll be at the pool. ;) Oh! And if you have any amazing food recs or day trips we should take while down there, let us know!! I’ll be sharing more on Instagram as usual.

Breanna Rose | Bedroom Corner

I’ve been seeing a lot of creative bloggers I admire publish “ask me anything” posts this year. And since I’ve been practicing slow blogging (only posting when the time is right), I thought answering your questions out in the open could be an interesting way to get more personal while also gathering ideas on what you’d like to see more of. So let’s do this! If you have a question you’d like me to answer, leave it in the comments section of this post and I will do my best to answer as many as I can in a round-up (or two). Cool? Okay, see ya there!

PS Although asking me about freelancing and life and work are totally fine, random questions are also welcome. For example — Have you ever swam with dolphins? Yes, yes I have.

Breanna Rose

In January, I told myself that this year was going to be different. Truthfully, I was ready to just be. To embrace the little things that make me unique instead of molding myself into somebody I’m not. Then, at just the right time, I discovered the motto “good for you, not for me” in Amy Poehler’s new book and thought to myself “YES PLEASE.” It became clear that in order to just be, I needed to do the very thing that scared me the most: slow down. For the past year, back pain dictated what I could and could not do. Most days, I wasn’t able to work for more than 30 minutes without feeling a terrible surge shoot down from my neck to my upper back. I feared that slowing my pace would set my business back, so I kept going. But that was a dumb idea. Turns out, working through pain is definitely not sustainable.

So I slowed down. At first, it was the worst. Social media was constantly showing me the cool things others were doing. Person A was collaborating with so and so. Person B was moving into a cool studio downtown. Person C was traveling the globe and getting paid to do it. In our highly visual world, it’s easy to feel as if we need to do all of the things. But we don’t. I found myself repeating the motto “good for you, not for me” and continued to focus on slowing down. And it felt amazing!! Being yourself is the best medicine.

In my extra time, I’ve started practicing yoga everyday. I feel more awake, creatively driven, and most importantly — healthy, both physically and mentally. I’ve realized that success, to me, is inner peace. It comes from staying true to who you are and what you love. It’s natural, beautiful, and very much contagious. I have a long way to go and some bad habits to break, but if slowing down has taught me one thing, it’s that doing is easy and being is hard. I think I’ll let the latter be my guide.