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Our trip to France is only two weeks and one day away, which blows my mind. Like I’ve mentioned before, I’ve actually never been to Europe before. Michael has, but that was awhile ago. We’ve been working ultra fast to get everything ready before we go. Making reservations, researching logistical details, buying tickets + nicer travel bags — etc. etc. All of you who have sent emails and given suggestions so far have been such a blessing! I’m not sure I could have wrapped my head around everything in such a short period of time.

So with that said, I thought I would ask one more little thing from you guys on the off hand chance you had some thoughts you’d like to share. And that little thing is all about where to eat without dropping a ton of money everywhere. We plan on getting lost + walking around lots, so location doesn’t really matter. But just in case you’re curious, we will be spending four nights near Bastille and three in Montmartre. Again, thanks for all your help so far!

  1. Christine says:

    Trying to make a summer trip to Paris a reality as well. It would also be my first time in Europe, so exciting! Hopefully you will get great eatery recommendations so that I can note them down! ;)

  2. Rebecca says:

    There’s a girl there now from Canada ( She’s been living there for a year and she has a style blog but her husband is a chef there and if you do a little looking through her blog she has quite a few cool eats she’s posted about. I haven’t been there since I was a poor high school kid years ago (and I mostly ate at the little cafes and the street food carts :) You’re going to have so much funnnn!!

  3. Sounds amazing! I definitely think you have the right idea with just planning to walk around and get lost. I’m sure you will run into a ton of wonderful spots that way.

    The Smell of Summer – A Boutique Lifestyle Blog

  4. Joy says:

    My hubby and I went to Paris for our honeymoon! We were wandering around trying to find some place to eat and found the most amazing Sicilian restaurant at 18 Rue du Dragon in the Saint Germain area. It was absolutely amazing!

  5. You should definitely go to Chartier or Chez Georges for a super old school bistro dinner. Chartier is more of an experience for its vast interior.
    If it’s sunny grab lots of treats from and go sit in the park.
    Rose Bakery is also lovely.
    Get good coffee at or Black Market Cafe.
    the cafe in merci is also nice after youve been shopping :-)
    have a fun trip!

    • We went to Chartier and loved it. It’s certainly an experience. We were seated at the same table as an older awesome Dutch couple and it’s where I tried escargots (snails) for the first time.

  6. Michelle says:

    The Rose Bakery was good if a bit pricey (; you have to have to go to Lauduree cafe on Rue Bonaparte ( The decor of this 18th century tea room is just amazingly French. Also good to just go into any boulangerie to pick up a baguette (normally around €1), grab some cheese from a supermarket (the Monoprix are pretty good or Carrefour) and find a spot to sit along the Seine or one of the gardens (Luxembourg or Tuilleries are my favourite). You can watch children pushing boats around on the ponds.

  7. Kacie says:

    yes yes yes! I have a big list on my blog…
    That goes to a series of blog posts I did on my favorite things about Paris including cafes, where to eat, museums, etc.

    This post goes just to my favorite places to eat (


  8. Amal says:

    I’m so passionate about this restaurant that I’m delighted you asked! A Paris MUST is Domaine de Lintillac, which is a duck restaurant near L’Opera.

    That’s right. A DUCK restaurant. The menu is mind-blowing, and everything on it is incredible. And ducky.

    It’s also not really touristy (or it wasn’t when I was there), but the staff is friendly and can answer questions. It’s truly not to be missed.

  9. Cindy says:

    If you would like to save money, then shop at a local grocery store. You can buy baguettes and wine and cheese and just sit in the park, in front of the Eiffel Tower. All bread there, no matter where you get it, is fresh. Le Marais is one of my favourite areas and you can get some tasty falafels there. And yummy baked goods. And there is a sort of fast-food place called Brioche D’Or. Honestly, in a pinch, amazing! Bonne vacances!

  10. Angela says:

    Check out L’As du Fallafel in the arias – it’s a walk-up and best falafel in Paris!

    • Angela says:

      Oops, that’d be in in the “Marais”

    • Rachel says:

      I second L’As du Falafel- it really is as delicious as they say! I stayed in Montmartre on my last trip, and there was this nice little resto where Rue Lepic meets Rue Des Abbesses- it has the word “zebre” (zebra) in the name. I had a delicious salmon dish, not expensive. Seating indoors and out.

    • I third L’As du Falafel. So tasty + a wonderful experience.

  11. Lynne says:

    Eric Kayser for almond croissants and quiche and other bakery yummy stuff! This place is a must, there are multiple locations. I went there every day while I was in Paris.

  12. dee says:

    hey bre! so i recently went to paris and went to this fondue place called, Chalet Gregorie Restaurant. it was great, but another great one everyone seems to go to is Le Refuge des Fondues, you get to drink your wine out of baby bottles. we also went to this amazing rest. called Frenchies…Awesome food! lot’s of fellow north american’s visiting this little spot. it’s been featured in NY Times cuz it’s so great. make sure to grab a bottle of wine and walk to the Eiffel tower to watch the lights twinkle. yay!

  13. Victoria says:

    I’m living here now (about to leave though- so sad!) and it’s great that you’re staying in Montmartre- it’s my favorite part of the city. Un Zebre a Montmartre (I think Rachel mentioned it above me) is a great place, and Le Basilic, which is across the street, is an adorable and beautiful place to get an inexpensive prix-fixe- we got four courses for 24 euros per person. Also, my favorite bar is La Fourmi, which is also in that neighborhood. It’s a really great, young Parisian hipster scene, with inexpensive drinks, great wine, and such a fun vibe. Their frites are also to die for.
    But the best thing to do is buy a bottle of wine, some food at the market, and have a picnic on the side of the Seine. There’s music playing, it’s light out until like 10pm, and usually you can see the eiffel tower glittering in all its glory.
    Have fun; I miss this place already!

  14. Brook says:

    I’m no expert on Paris, but I live in France and have done quite a bit of travelling on a budget. Don’t miss the chance to just enjoy a picnic of a baguette and cheese and wine in a pretty place. It’s basically habitual because it costs next to nothing, and feels so magical. You can find sandwiches at almost every boulangerie (about 3€, maybe more in Paris). Crèpes or galettes – crèpes with veggies and charcuterie- are always a great budget option at around 8€. It’s not super specific, but they’re the things that are available no matter where you are! Have a blast! I love this country, and I’m sure you will too! xoxo

  15. La Société in Saint-Germain des Près. One our favorite places!

  16. Made by Molu says:

    Oooooh seems like Paris is the happening place (not that it never was!!) as we’re heading there at the end of August and i CANNOT wait either!! I’ve been sending out FB and Twitter posts looking for advice on what to do once we’re there as my husband and I are looking to do something less mainstream and touristy! Like yourselves we’re looking to get lost and simply explore what is truly Parisian! :) We’ve got the travel and accommodation all booked (got an apartment in Le Marais district) so looking for places to explore especially places to eat (we’re big foodies!!) Hope you don’t mind me using the comments here for guidance too! Looking forward hearing all about your visit once you’re back!! :) Have a lovely trip!!! x

  17. kayla says:

    Last time I went to Europe, I was craving Mexican food so bad by the time we got to Paris. Candelaria saved me. It’s in the Marais. If you blink you’ll miss it, but they have fantastic tacos, speak some English, and, wait for it…..have a SPEAKEASY in the back! Check it out. You’ll love it.

    Also, check out David Lebovitz’s blog for some great recommendations:

  18. Gillian says:

    I stayed in Paris for 4 months on Rue Montorgueil, which is a street in the second arrondissement that is lined with restaurants, cafes, bakeries, cheese shops, produce stands, etc. I would definitely suggest taking a walk down there and maybe grabbing some things for a picnic. It’s quite lively at night with plenty of outdoor patios so it’s a good place to dine in as well. One of my favourite places to escape to is the Grande Mosquée de Paris – it’s like a peaceful oasis right in the city. There is a beautiful little tea garden where they serve sweet mint tea and all sorts of Arabic treats. It’s the perfect place to duck into when the crowds get overwhelming. My favourite place for hot chocolate is Le Voltigeur in the Marais. They serve you the milk and chocolate separately so you can mix it exactly to your liking.

    Have an amazing trip! Paris is such a magical place :)

  19. Lexie says:

    definitely look up this blog for tips and recommendations:

    and I had an incredible fusion meal here once:


  20. kristi says:

    You NEED to go to L’as Du Fallafel. Go up to the street ‘take away’ to order…. much cheaper than sit down and get the fallafel special. You will smell it before you see it and yes there can be a line but it goes so fast and it is so worth it. I spent hours wondering around the Jewish district… such a great area to be staying near! Also so many great vintage shops to explore. So jealous for your trip I actually just got back from Paris less than a week ago and I’m already planning my trip back. Enjoy your time!

  21. Robert et Louise
    64 rue Veille du Temple – 75003 Paris

    Please do not leave Paris without going here, especially if you like steak and a romantic atmosphere.
    I wrote a blog post about this place purely because it was that magical, rustic and Parisian. Check it out here:

  22. Tiffany says:

    i’d like to illustrate a “where to eat” list once :D

  23. Estelle says:

    I’m not used to leaving comments here but I couldn’t help myself for giving you some of my favorites adresses.
    I’m a french graphic designer and I really enjoy your blog. I live in Paris, in le Marais. So there is a list of my favorite places for a good price, not so expensive.
    – Nanashi : really good and cosy, the vanilla cheesecake is just amazing. And the rest of the food is half japonese, half european
    – Le petit Cambodge :
    Best bobun in Paris for juste 12 euros
    – Broken Arm :
    All nex and healthy in the Marais. My favorite place right now
    – Le marche des enfants rouges : Ok it’s also one of my favorite places. It’s a outside market with lots of small restaurants from italy, marocco, africa… I always go to the Japonese tables for their wonderful bentos.
    – if you feel like walking a little bit there’s a really cool place called the 104 it’s kind of a center of arts and life in the middle of the 19è. Which is not a really great neighbourhood but that’s the point. Inside the 104 is the cafe cache which is really cool :
    – In the marais, you should have brunch at Marcovaldo’s. The manager is really nice and the brunch is really good for just 20 euros :

    Maybe I should stop here. I’m a little too much exited when it comes to food.
    Hope this would help you.

    Have a nice trip.

    • le petit zinc in saint germain is a classic french bistro, with an original zinc bar and fabulously over-the-top art nouveau interior. it’s pricey, but a must :-)

  24. Drea says:

    you must go to chez gladine, l’avant comptoir, and l’as du fallafel—and if you like biking around paris, check out fat tire bike tours. i’ve got a bunch of friends who work there, they’re great guides :)

  25. Hi!
    I’m living in Paris right now and some of my favorite restaurants are:

    Lou Lou’s (in the 5th)
    L’Entrecote (locations everywhere, some ppl think its touristy but the steak frites with their special “green sauce” is amazing)
    Miss KO (in the 8th, really cool atmosphere)
    *I have also heard really great things about Robert and Louise but have yet to go!

    enjoy your trip!!

  26. Mathilde says:

    HI, I am not living in Paris but I know some good adresses :
    – Ten Belles : 10 rue de la Grange aux Belles / 75010 Paris
    – The Broken Arm : 12 rue Perrée / 75003 Paris
    – Nanashi
    – La Chambre aux oiseaux / 48, rue Bichat Paris 10e
    Enjoy !

  27. Mairead says:

    Don’t know if you’ve seen this already, but it’s got lots of detailed tips:

    If you scroll down a bit she has just been to Paris and talks about many different places to go. Plus, it’s a great blog!

  28. Dena says:

    i am so excited to hear/read all about your trip to paris. i went a few years ago and had the most amazing time. here is my post which sums up my eating adventures in paris:

    enjoy! xo

  29. Audrey says:

    I live in the Marais in the trendy center of Paris and I confirm all the addresses Estelle gave you. The Café Pinson is cute and nice too.

  30. Hi !
    i am Parisian and i confirm you must go to the parks (Jardins du Luxembourg or Parc Monceau, so romantic !)
    in Saint Germain des Prés (famous place where artists and intellectuals used to go), there is the famous ‘Café de Flore’ (and also Ladurée as Michelle has said)
    in Saint-Germain des Près you can take the bus 95 (direction Porte de Montmartre) : you will cross the Seine (on the bridge you can see greats monuments of Paris), cross the Louvre’s yard, and go to the Opera Garnier.

    (and if you go near Montparnasse and if you like to eat good raw meat you can go to “les tontons” ( a french bistrot, rue Raymond Losserand in Paris 14,
    in the same street there is the best parisian baguette ( Au Paradis du Gourmand, 156, rue Raymond Losserand).

    i hope you will have a good weather, because it’s the rainiest and coldest May month we ever have, but it could change quicly (i hope !).


  31. Ashlae says:

    My man and I had the best meal of our lives at Le Bistrot d’Henri – 7 hour roast lamb, for the win. Unless you’re a plant based eater (like me) – then the chef will whip you up something special. And delicious.

  32. D Young says:

    One of the bloggers I follow posted this gem today.

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