See those horses up there?? They’re extremely neon and I would love to have em’. Anyone see them anywhere before? Curious. But besides those amazing and bright animals, Petra Bindel captures interiors wonderfully. I think the reason why I love his work so much is for the aesthetics he captures. How fun would it be to travel around and see all these amazing places for work? Pretty darn cool, I’d say.

  1. athena p says:

    Pick up a couple Schleich horses and some amazing neon spray paint and “recreate it.” You could totally rock out some replica on those horses….

    And now I have a fun project myself for when my kiddos stop playing with all their animals. Hello Awesome Decor!


  2. MOXEE says:

    […] week, I posted some interior shots by Petra Bindel and pointed out my love for brightly colored animals. Then, a lovely reader left a […]

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