Commonplace Process | By Breanna Rose

I absolutely love sharing little project insights with you all & I know it’s been awhile, but today that changes! This particular project has been much more male drive, aesthetically, which has been a nice change of pace. My personal preference leans that way already, so this brand has definitely been a fun one. The client, Zach, and myself clicked right away and didn’t even have to go through the revision process ( which rarely happens ) … just a couple of minor tweaks before heading on to the build-out materials. Although the final main brand is not pictured here, we are using aspects from a few of these in moving forward. I can’t wait to share more!!

  1. Kelly Brito says:

    Oh, how I love these! And if the chosen logo is not here, I can only imagine how fantastic it is. Lady, you’re one graphic design genius, I swear!

    • breanna says:

      The elements of the final logo are here, so I’m just being sneaky. ;) It’s a much simpler solution that we landed on, but we’re using the second down in row one for a secondary solution!

  2. Angel Y. says:

    I usually hit it off instantly with my male clients as well but one of my currents is very all over the place. It’s great when you can connect and get to putting together materials. I really adore the third option but I’m sure you have some fun things planned out for the final logo.

    • breanna says:

      Right!? My experience with males has been the same so far. All over the place clients are always a challenge, though, that’s for sure. :( Bummer you’re having to deal with it, but it’s always a great learning experience in defining our own process and how to better nail things down / give direction so that it doesn’t happen as much. I feel ya!

  3. Tanea says:

    These look great, Breanna!

  4. amber says:

    These look amazing. Oh, how I adore that color palette. Beautiful work (ahem, as always.)

  5. Love the simplicity of #4! Killin it!

  6. One of the things that I most admire about your work is that it’s never too much. When I look at your logos, I’m never thinking, “yes, she over thought it”. It’s always perfectly balanced and feels very natural. I think that’s the most difficult thing for me, because I’m so afraid that other people would think “I could totally have done this, her work is not worth anything”. I always feel like I have to prove something and by that doing something complicated that the clients couldn’t do. I guess I have to learn where and when to stop, and when the work is done.

    • breanna says:

      Oh wow – thank you so much!! I always design design design, then refine. Simplicity is a favorite of mine. ;)

  7. Anelise says:

    So gorgeous! In love with it all! Great transformation.

  8. Anelise says:

    haha that last comment was suppose to be for the post about Athena’s new site! woops! But also love these logos! Cheers!

  9. Stephanie says:

    Hi Breanna,
    I love your work and so appreciate the advice and experience that you share on your blog. I’m curious how you handle ongoing relations with clients. Once you deliver a logo and build out all collateral and materials agreed on upfront, how do you move forward with designs that they need later down the road? For example: signage, event invitations, social posts/cover photos, etc. Do you provide templates for this sort of thing, or do you handle all of them as separate projects? Do you work on a retainer with some clients?

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